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  1. I'm trying figure out if there's a way to configure the Ext JS Tree panel drag and drop feature to allow a tree node from a Tree Panel to be transferred to another Tree Panel that is configured with...
  2. I'm trying to figure out how to reload the drop down values (which would show a different time format) of the Ext.form.field.Time component. Is there a component function that needs to be called...
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    Same sentiment here (surprisingly 3 years have passed since the original post and not a single documentation can be found). A short official documentation on this would be extremely helpful for...
  4. Here's my workaround on how to set the pageParam property to undefined.

    1. Add a "beforeload" event binding to the store object.
    2. Inside the beforeload function:

    store.proxy.pageParam =...
  5. That's good to hear. Is there a tentative date for the 2.2 release?
  6. I'm interested to see how the following items below can be done directly with Sencha Architect:

    1. Localization
    2. Config externalization, i.e. json store url parameter (perhaps a way to access...
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