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  1. Thanks for your message.

    I feel that this custom component is intuitive enough so that trained users will be able to use it without any issues. The multi-select component is a great suggestion,...
  2. Hello,

    I've extended combobox to create a "pillbox" to save previously-selected items. I'm trying to implement drag and drop reordering so that a user may change the order of the "pills" simply by...
  3. Yeah, new date()

    It seems like this has worked in the past though.
  4. Yes, typeAhead/jumpAhead functionality that you describe is possible by modifying the MultiSelect class as shown below. Modifications to MultiSelect are highlighted in blue.

    * Ext JS...
  5. Replies
    Here is my solution to add typeAhead/jumpAhead functionality to MultiSelect.

    Modifications to MultiSelect are highlighted in blue.

    Note: You may notice other non-highlighted modifications in...
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