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    Using the childbrowser plugin in Phonegap, you can open the ePub file in the system browser the following way:"http://my.epub", "_system");

    The "_system" tells Phonegap to use...
  2. The list item is displayed as one image and two rows:

    itemTpl: '<img ...><div>...</div><div>...</div>'

    The image has float: left, the image is much higher than the two text rows combined....
  3. Any news on how to work-around this bug?
  4. Yes, that's the one
  5. We are using the Phonegap/Cordova packager with the SQLite plugin by Chris Brody. There is a version for iOS and a version for Android that use the same interface as normal websql.

    If you use a...
  6. Hi, simple question:

    I have a list where each item consists of a bigger image at the left and one line of text to the right. Tapping on the image or the line of text selects the item in the list,...
  7. We hit upon the same problem. Should be fixed in an upcoming version of Sencha Touch
  8. JsonP can only be used to make GET requests to a server. POST requests cannot be made via JsonP, you need to use AJAX for that purpose.
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    I think, rgporter was probably not aware, we were talking about native packaged apps.
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    Back Button will work if you execute your Sencha app in a web browser, but it will not work in a native packaged app.
  11. So, when is Sencha Command going to be released?
  12. doesn't seem to be released yet?
  13. REQUIRED INFORMATION Touch version tested:

    Touch 2.1 rev 447

    Command version tested:

    Touch 3.0 rev 141

    Devices tested
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