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    Hi When testing graph in chrome 32 beta (the release is soon in 1st of january)
    All the graph tooltip become big covering the chart itself and the chart become uselss.
    We use gxt 2.2.5 where chart...
  2. Hi I've change the key to e unique, then change the x axis in the data model to be string, and set the x axis category to addField the string field.
    However it still duplicates the x axis label and...
  3. Hi
    However i would like to have two points under test3
    test3 on x axis and 2 on y axis
    and test3 on x axis and 5 on y axis

    what should i change to support that ?
  4. Attaching code two parts (the main logic and a small data object.
    notice that i am trying to add to the store two items with same x-axis category (test3) and different y-axis (2 and 5) and i just...
  5. Well that's what i have started with , however I think i've reduced the problem to the issue i've listed above.
    meaning i want to display scatter graph (or line graph in your example) where the x...
  6. Another additional issue is that the X-axis is a category type (String labels).
    1. graph can contain dynamic number of series
    2. x-axis is a category type
    3. in the same series i can have...
  7. Note that this graph should be dynamic, meaning number of series may change.
    Also that the x axis is a category axis
  8. Hi,
    I think that my issue is dynamic number of series.
    Since in all the scatter examples they have finite number of series i can't build my code according to it.
    I am trying to use...
  9. Hi
    Thanx for the suggestion it worked (only since i use horizontal stack bar i work with the height instead of the width).
    The only issue left is that the axis ticks are still getting the space...
  10. Hi
    I've been as to show tooltip on a scatter graph dot.
    however i need to show the tooltip only when user clicking on the dot but hide it when he is out of focus(like normal tooltip)

    I've tried...
  11. well you can use the horizontal bar demo you have in the site.
    it is called stacked bar chart where y-axis is categorized by years.
    if for example i would have only one year, and the size of the...
  12. This works fine and change the rectangle,
    however the axis ticks and the number inside the rectangle are not align.
    I can move the rectangle to align with the number, however when there are many...
  13. In scatter graph i am trying to display multiple point on the same x-axis value
    (in example value 3 ,5 ,7) is on the same x-axis date (28/4).
    all the values belong to one series (there are more...
  14. Yep
    that's the problem
  15. Hi
    Horizontal stack bar is actually bar series with stack = true (where x axis is numeric and y axis is categories).
    When you have only one bar or two bar the bar's width fill the whole graph area...
  16. Hi
    Since the width of the horizontal stack bar is calculated automatically.
    When there is one i am getting pretty wide bar.
    I can't use gutter since there is only one bar.
    How can i change it's...
  17. Hi,
    I am currently working in a project where i have gxt 3.x and gxt 2.x working together.
    However, when in the gwt.xml file i needed to explicitly write:
    <set-property name="gxt.user.agent"...
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    recently i am getting errors in internet explorer (9) regarding the gxt 2.x open flash chart.
    unable to get value of the property "removeSWF" : object is null or undefined.

    what is the...
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    Hi i am having problem to style our charts (based on OFC) according to our designer requests
    here are some example to what i am trying to do (usually around stack bar):
    1. add space between Y axis...
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