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  1. This is apparently fixed in RowModel, but NOT fixed in CheckboxModel.
  2. I'm seeing this in 4.1.0. Apparently, there is no way to construct a KeyNav without generating a compatibility layer error. The logic in the compatibility layer that determines if an error should...
  3. This appears to be an Ext bug. Filing...
  4. Anyone have any idea why the compatibility layer is complaining about this? I'm not using KeyMap anywhere in my code.
  5. When using the show function, I shouldn't have to set modal to true. It appears this is a known issue with 4.0.7.
  6. Any Ext.Messagebox seems to have this problem, but only on our site. As an example, here is some simplified code from the MessageBox sample page:{
  7. This only occurs in my application, but I'm not sure why. I verified that the messagebox is indeed modal, but it does not 'appear' to be modal. That is, I can click on other elements outside of the...
  8. I've seen this problem posted in several other threads, but have yet to see a resolution. How can I stop this from happening? A similar issue was reported in this thread and this one too.

  9. All I needed to do was set "expanded" to true for all actual leaf nodes & set leaf to false for all nodes.
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    (psst) the ExtJS documentation is god-awful
  11. 1.) Are there multiple animations to choose from as there are w/, for example, moveTo?
    2.) How does this relate to moving an existing element using insertBefore or insertAfter?
  12. How can I associate an animation w/ insertAfter/insertBefore? I would be surprised if there isn't a way to do this since it can be done w/ moveTo, but I haven't been able to figure it out. I'm new...
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    How can I listen for scroll events?
  14. For some reason, when I drag a top component to a lower component, the top component drags under the lower component. However, when I drag the lower component to an upper component, it drags on top...
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