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  1. This solution works for me. thanks.

    But the total row and subtotal rows are not like what you showed in the snapshot. I mean they are not bold...

    Is there any way to define the css style of...
  2. BTW, I am using Ext4.1
  3. I have solve the pro somehow. If I use storeId for store instead of some variable, the getNodeById works fine in IE, but it still won't work in Chrome.

    Could you help me with this?
  4. Hey All,

    I have defined a TreeCombo. The combo is supposed to get a string(which contains some nodes) and then mark those nodes as checked, but I cannot get a node using getNodeById().

  5. The bug still exists in 4.1...I am new here and so surprised that it has survived such a long time.
  6. According to API, the Object e should have properties "value" as the new value and "originalValue" as the old one. In fact, both of them refer to the old value.
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