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  1. Looks like you are right, but this bug did not come out in 3.0.
    Thanks Condor
  2. Does that matter? Can you explain why?
  3. I developed several pages in my current project, I updated my EXTJS to 3.1, but all the dropdown list cannot be seen, and its function cannot be actived too. Is there anything I should do when...
  4. But it works fine in IE6, that's weird..
  5. Uhhh... I worked this out, to solve this, you should just add "width:'100%'", that will do...
  6. When I use panel layout column in IE8, I want to show two rows in this panel, there are 3 items in the first row, 2 in the second, so I set the columnwidth .5 for each in the first row, and .33 for...
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    Hi all,
    when I set autoScroll true in window, it can't display well in IE, for textfield, when you scroll the items panel, the fields scroll well, but the fieldlabels stay, it seems like the refresh...
  8. the same problem happens to me, does anyone know how to solve this?
  9. here is my Email address,
    could you send me the whole project?
    thanks in advance!
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