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  1. yes the demo link works on desktop, tried on chrome, but when I integrated it with my code its displaying loader all the time and pdf doesn't load. Have you tried the example on any mobile device? I...
  2. Hi,

    I have tried it both ways nothing works and if you open the example in mobile browser the pdf doesn't load, it displays loader endlessly.

  3. hybrid, build with PhoneGap/Cordova on galaxy S

  4. plugin doesn't seem to working on mobile device, can you please look into this

  5. code is not working for me on device as well as desktop. The demo is not working on device as well checked on Galaxy S.

    Here's my code in launch function

    var file = 'testFile57.pdf';
  6. thanks for sharing the link will try this out in a little while.
  7. Hi,

    I am also trying to achieve something similar, I want to display pdf through sencha (native app for android and iOS). Is there any workaround to display the pdf through sencha.

  8. Thanks for the response.

    Yes I am on windows and followed the same steps int he guide. sencha build command combines the classes from sdk and I am not sure it combines the views, controllers.....
  9. Thats great!

    I have also did this just now and searching how to include the all-classes and app-all file. Will it be included in index.html. Can you provide what will be the next steps.
  10. Thanks for your responses guys

    @scott Could you please an example as I am not aware how to do that. An example will really help.

    @digeridoopoo I haven't tried it, will give it try soon but I am...
  11. Hi,

    I have created an app using Sencha Touch 2 and the app loads very slowly.
    How can i optimize the app. Is there any way that i can load the first page and then load all the views file...
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    thanks mate.
    I am new to sencha hope to pick it up soon.

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    I am also trying to achieve exactly what you are but getting this error Object [object DOMWindow] has no method 'getData. I am loading all my views and controller from app.js is this causing...
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