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  1. This is correct.

    Can you show more code, especially the form?
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    Great - thank you very much for sharing.
  3. Hello tobiu,

    just watched your youtube video - really great work!
    If you don't mind i woukld like to give the demo a try.

    Regards Wolfgang
  4. This is correct. However i would prefer a more "standard" ext built way of doing this, since an exception is, basically, something similar to a failure. It happens just on a more deeper level of the...
  5. Try this:

    var treePanel = new Ext.tree.TreePanel({
    id: 'tree-panel'
    ,title: 'Navigation'
    ,height: 300
    ,minSize: 150
    ,autoScroll: true
  6. Found the issue right after posting. Note the space before hosttype. (:|

    ,hiddenName:' hosttype'
  7. Using a combobox in a form that uses to load / save leads to trouble with "hiddename", "name" property. Either combo does not load or it does submit the display value.

  8. Would it be possible to provide the transaction object in the submit/load failure handler instead of an empty response object.

    When using a simple exception in the backend like

  9. I had a similar issue and found a solution here.
  10. Thank you very much steffen.

    Well after some hours of debugging i finally got it running.
    Ok first the fix - it looks pretty easy (set either paramsAsHash:true or paramOrder: ['id'])

  11. Steffen thank you - but i still need a bit more enlightment, even after reading your thread.
    From Ext Form.js:

    // private
    createForm : function(){
    var config =...
  12. Hello,

    when loading data into an extend form, i always get

    this.form is undefined
    [Break on this error] this.form.afterAction(this, false);
    ext-all-debug.js (Zeile 65958)

    (Note: this...
  13. It is not a bug - it is the concept of lazy loading.
    This is not specific to Ext.Direct but applies also to eventhandler and the like.

    When you extend ("guestbook2") you need to realize that...
  14. First off all i got it working (will attach code - maybe someone else follows this thread).

    In particular for the property "items" it works when putting into "initComponent".
    But i do not...
  15. thanks for the fast reply.
    Pls ignore my 2nd post for now, since it was posted just before having seen your answer.
  16. Thank you for looking into it.
    As said before, i reduced the showcase to a minimum, thats why it looks like just a pre-config class.
    Granted - layout 'fit' does not make sense.

    So here maybe a...
  17. Hello,

    Extending Tabpanel fails when adding certain properties.

    To illustrate, here a very basic example using a s sort of a preconfigered class - the real code looks different and adds...
  18. I am not using Windows Servers but Linux , so no.
    Anyway there are a lot of Server Samples out written in PERL, that work really nicely.

    Basically you open a (TCP)socket, and listen to incoming...
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    I just visited the thread.

    This looks really great! :)
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    Well we are going to start such a thing as well here. Basically it will be a mix of a ticket system and task/projectmanager. The idea is to mangage any items (jobs/tasks) for a customer. Initially it...
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    i wonder if anyone knows about an opensource Ext based Ticketsystem?

    Thank you

  22. Well i do not really want to argue about this ;)
    The point is: If the backend fails for whatever reason and throws an errormessage, then the JS code will:
    - not catch the error
    - not show the...
  23. Good to see that i am not alone :-)
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    Click the Edit Icon :-)
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    Would you mind using <code> or better <php> tags?


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