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  1. Hi, is there a way to remove all the table markup from a textfield and just leave the label and input markup?

    This is the html markup generated by a single field:

    <table class="x-field...
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    I've stopped a current project developed with ExtJs 4.2, because of the lack of responsive features with ExtJs. It's very sad for me having to quit the best framework in the market because of this...
  3. I've tried that before but like you said, the performance is bad.

    One of my suggestions to sencha would be somekind of different layout system and css that could be attached/dettached from the...
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    I really hope sencha creates somekind of responsive ui features into Extjs otherwise this framework will slowly die.
  5. Hi. For the past 3 days I've been digging into this whole "new" thing about responsive ui's and spa's (single page applications).

    Single page applications we've been doing with ExtJs for ages so,...
  6. Will ExtJs5 be responsive?
  7. Instead of making sencha touch why didn't you guys just improved ExtJs to work on mobile devices? I'm seeing new approaches to web development using bootstrap+backbone+jquery and they work very well...
  8. Is there a way to programatically select/highlight an item (one of the <li>'s) already in the boxselect?

    Or, a way a trigger the event 'valueselectionchange' while passing the correct event...
  9. I've solved my problems, please take a look at this post:
  10. Hi Jay, I've larned the MVC pattern but like we all know, Extjs MVC pattern only works on a single instance basis (singletons) wich is not what i need. I love Extjs and that's basically the reason...
  11. Hi, the current extjs MVC pattern does not support multiple instances of the same controller wich is simply what I'm trying to do. I've seen multiple posts here of many people complaining about the...
  12. Hi, I made the decision to quit ExtJs MVC pattern. It's too strict. In the real world we use ExtJs to build Entreprise applications wich are huge by default. We're not building single small apps to...
  13. Hi, thanks for the tip but, I really wish I had the time to dig into another framework. This feature should be simple to implement with ExtJs.
  14. Hi everyone, I cannot seem to find a solution for this: How to create different instances of the same controller to be used on different panels. Is it possible?

  15. Hi everyone, I've been trying to solve this issue also but with no luck yet.

    What I'm trying to achieve is to have the hability to use the same controller on differente panels. Reuse the...
  16. Hi everyone. I've got a "small" problem: I have an application wich uses ExtJs MVC pattern. I have a single App wich dinamically loads controllers this way:

  17. I "solved" this problem, please see this post:
  18. I found a solution for this problem; this is the original method on

    writeValue: function(data, field, record){
    var name = field[this.nameProperty] ||...
  19. I have the same problem! any override available?
  20. Hi, anyone with an override to the infamous MS dateformat problem?

    This is what ExtJ (4.2) is sending to the server:
  21. Hi found the same issue. In my case, i have two modal windows opened and the problem appeard when trying to open a MessageBox above all windows. I'm currently using animal's tip to solve this:

  22. Hi, i've just bumped into this issue also!

    We're building a modular application so, we need to load modules using "lazy loading"; the MVC applications are loaded only if the user clicks on a menu...
  23. Hi Scott, that's what i ended up doing!!!

  24. Is there some way to change the dashSize value inside a axis of Category type?

    I have a chart with many bars, the problem is that the labels containing dates are not showing up; is there a way to...
  25. Hi, how can i set the default focus on the 'no' button of this message window?{
    title: 'Message',
    msg: 'Are you sure you want to delete the selected...
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