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  1. This, is definitely reproducible issue. I can not that event QuickTips e.g. error marked required "This filed is required" are broken. Text is positioned to the left without any padding.

    With out...
  2. Hi,

    I have dataview with tpl. In controller refresh event of dataview is catched and Ext.form.Panel with textarea and button are added. Till now OK. Controller is subscribed to dynamically added...
  3. Well, there are some situations that at least from my point of view requires override. Just found this thread when looking for solution where to place following snippet to keep best practicies.

  4. Hi, was somebody able to run this UX in IE, 8 or 9?

    I tried in FF, WebKit, and works well but in IE add button does not open standard dialog for choosing files.

    Working example, FF, WebKit only...
  5. Hi,

    in same way as normal paging. Via xtype pagingtoolbarradio. See dockedItems please.

    Ext.define('ET.view.widget.Feed', {
  6. I just upgraded from 4.0.7 to 4.1 and bug still occurs. Portal used.

    this.getComponentLayout().getDockedItems is not a function
    ...var dockedItems =...
  7. I´m trying to prepare paging toolbar where only radio buttons will present pages. No prev, next etc. Click on radio will load required page.

    Problem is that event change on radiogroup is fired
  8. Hi,

    how to define custom draggable panel´s Ext.panel.Proxy show method? Or some before, after drag events? I need to do some tricks with panel height when showing panel´s drop target area in...
  9. Hi,

    try to handle exceptions. I use following construction in Sencha Touch. In Ext JS 3 I used similar codein combination with plugin to stock call and recall them after succesful login

  10. Replies

    try to look at this implementation of iScroll. Ext JS 3 only but in comments there are some advices how to combine it with Ext JS 4.
  11. Nope. Desktop is main platform.

    In fact!/example/form/custom-form.html is good example what I want to achieve. I´ll customize it to my needs, extend paging to...
  12. Hi,

    need to create some widgets with pagination functionality. Top, bottom toolbars. Something like image search result shown on mobile phones.

    Paging will be handled by dots. Like...
  13. Just to try luck.

    Has somebody this
    or alternative in ExtJs?

    "Demo" could be seen here...
  14. If i click on tree node that´s not yet checked it should be checked and class added. Currently checked are unchecked.

    So if check node "Pozemky", node "Developerske projekty" should be...
  15. Tree definition
    On load should make node with id equaled to 'estateTypeHidden' check and add class. Work fine.
    When some of unchecked nodes is checked, other should uncheck. Only one checked node...
  16. XML from
    Seems to be valid...
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    After some articled detail store is loaded i called

    Ext.StoreMgr.get('storeTag').on('load', function() {
    Ext.each('147,148'.split(','), function(value, key) {
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    when i build grid for first time method to access filters


    works fine

    but when i reopen tab and re render grid, filters are set up ok but calling...
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    what´s wrong with image oranizer ../examples/image-organizer/?

    i can´t run it in any of big three - ie, ff, chrome, sqlite set ok also exif and other dlls. in firebug everything seems to be loaded...
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    i just found that drag n drop also disable text selection in firefox by cliking left mouse and drag pointer around some text.
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    solution for yet is to Ext.onReady call

    Ext.each('input[type="text"], textarea').elements, function(el){
    Ext.get(el).on('click', function(){
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    xhtml page - not designed as completly extjs project just xhtml with extjs as javascript library

    situation 2.2

    form input type text on page - approx 15
    on focus functionality is...
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    try to locate problem

    it´s on server or client side?

    1. could you see server response? instal firebug as bwroser plugin for ria applications for example based extjs it´s helpful you could se...
  24. works like a charm thank´s

    i share your opion that this one should be placed at least in manual if not in api documentation

    imho ext core is mostly used for such small application where one...
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    so best solution till yet is to attach on fuction call hook

    Function.prototype.closure = function(obj)
    // init object storage.
    if (!window.__objs)
    window.__objs = [];
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