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    at some point, and it pains me to say this, but if you're still here complaining about the 5 licenses thing, you're just showing that the framework has things that others don't. If not, go ahead and...
  2. That's really useful, thanks! Did I miss ST.onReady in documentation or is that yet to be documented? Just in case there's further reading I'm missing out on here!
  3. Can you offer some guidance as to how to use the additional libraries list? At first this seems really helpful, but you can't use that to define Ext classes or anything - I could define a global...
  4. I have json files in my resources folder of my app.

    I'd like to run some unit tests for some code that reads those json files.

    They're unit tests; so I don't want the app to run. Besides,...
  5. the select picker in the modern toolkit is just an absolute joke.
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    Any updates on the progress of feature matching the modern grid to the classic grid? I imagine this'll be another post ignored by sencha but hey, it can't hurt right?!
  7. right now in my ExtJS 6 app, this is where the theme appears to be set in the app.json:

    "builds": {
    "modern": {
    "toolkit": "modern",
    "theme": "theme-cupertino",
  8. Hey Kevin, that fiddle looks blank to me? This would be a more-legitimate concern on a carousel, for sure, or even a dataview.My exact use case is a bit more complex. Just clarification would be fine...

    - enable chrome device mode
    - run above fiddle
    - try dragging horizontally then without releasing the mouse button, scrolling vertically - this works even...
  10. is anyone at sencha going to review this bug?
  11. Thanks for your hard work Mark. Look forward to being able to do the upgrade in Webstorm.
  12. Any updates on this please? Been a known issue now since last February!!!
  13. This one really needs to be fixed. Major blocker-bug.
  14. still there in latest nightly.
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    Pretty frustrating...
  16. Some more info for you guys.

    TL;DR: use the wkwebview plugin here:

    This'll have some other implications you'll have to workaround. CORS...
  17. I'm also seeing this. Let me know if you guys have any update. One of the things I'm looking at is if it happens on the iOS9 beta. If not an acceptable approach would be to adapt the wkwebview...
  18. Apparently I don't have permission to view that link...
  19. yes i haven't posted at the blog for a while, sorry! specific first time user issues let me know and i'll write something up. Albanx, if you do write a guide and want somewhere to publish it, let me...
  20. you now need cordova for any native packaging.sorry for the brief post earlier, had a baby on my lap! You want something like: sencha cordova com.domain.package; sencha app build native
  21. look up cordova sencha cmd support.
  22. I'm actually using overrides currently to split large controllers into modular files. I feel 99% sure this was advised by a sencha blog post once upon a time. So I'm not overriding the class as much...
  23. This might be the first time I've ever actually used Time Machine to retrieve files...!

    Here's a link to dropbox download as it wouldn't let me upload a file here:...
  24. No luck with getting a response to this bug report in the Sencha Touch bug report forums so reporting here as it's likely an issue with Cmd.

    Touch version tested:

    Touch 2.4.1
    Sencha Cmd...
  25. Touch version tested:

    Touch 2.4.1
    Sencha Cmd v5.1.2.52
    Browser versions or Packager version tested against:

    Sencha Native Cordova
    Device and OS tested against:

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