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  1. Did you try setting the tpl to an iframe that loads the html page?
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    The beforerender event has the grid as its first argument. You can try to get the columns by invoking getColumns. From there, get the column where you need to add the filter, and use the column's...
  3. Based on your code, you are using a POST. Try setting the headers config of the proxy: headers:{'Content-Type':'application/x-www-form-urlencoded'}. Your payload should be sent as form parameters.
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    Based on your code this doesn't look like it has to do with Ext JS. You need to find the correct URL for your hello method, which you can do through your browser as suggested above, and then paste...
  5. Did you try to debug this? Did you step into the read() method of the reader? What did you see?
  6. The data file is on the server, correct? Try using an absolute url for the ajax request instead of a relative one, and let us know what happens.
  7. On Question #2: Check your ref. They seem to be wrong. You can refer to the dashboard by xtype, in which case you would be referring to all instances of that type; or by itemId, which allows you to...
  8. I would use Evwill's approach, but I would define the store's load handler in a controller, along with a reference to the view so I can set the title from the controller and not end up with a messy...
  9. Suppose you have a panel that contains a list and a couple of buttons. Using event delegation you can, for example, define a listener at the panel level that will handle itemtap events on the list's...
  10. I've been able to work around this in some scenarios with a call to setDirty on the model immediately before the sync call on the store.
  11. I can reproduce this problem as well.
  12. One approach: Use a container as the viewport and card layout. First card is your screen without the tabs,second card is the tabbar.
  13. I also bumped into this issue. Solved as outlined above. I hope the API comes soon.
  14. Use the Ajax class's events.
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    I agree with dobie_. Had similar problem a few days ago. Ended up rolling out my on localstorage routine using serialized store data.
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    Not sure I understand what you need, but did you try css - padding, margin? No need to add components if you can avoid them.
  17. Notepad++, VS, Firebug, Chrome.
  18. Take a look at the store's getGroups() function. It will give you the groups (array) and each group's children (array).
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    John -

    Assuming that hundreds of views is the appropriate solution ( it often isn't), you might want to consider reviewing the usage patterns of the system and see if you can identify sets of...
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    There are many approaches that you can take and it is difficult to be specific without knowing your application in detail. In general, at first you want to load just the components that are needed...
  21. My approach to using ASP.NET MVC has been different. I build the entire client-side framework in js, and use ASP.NET to handle requests and provide data to the client. The idea of generating js code...
  22. A word of caution, though. Performance and usability decrease as the number of items in the list increases. Try to use nested lists when you need to present a large number of items.
  23. Yes. Templates is a way to accomplish what you need.
  24. More tips:
    - Try to reduce the number of cards to a minimum. (Simple if your cards will contain mostly html)
    - Try to reduce the number of items in any list. Usability and scroll performance...
  25. Check out this thread:

    Looks like the dev team is aware of the issue.
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