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  1. Hey! Thanks! I did not found the post saying about that.

    Is there any solution about?
  2. Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.1.2

    Browser versions tested against:

    Chrome 11 (Windows)
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    Loiane! About that bug, i found the error and i fix it.

    var dataPrinter = [];, row) {
    var convertedData = {};
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    Loiane! Thanks!
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    Olá a todos! Hey everyone!

    I found a bug when the columns name are numbers. Ie.:
    Encontrei um bug quando o nome da coluna são números. Por exemplo:


    Printing is not rendered. Can you...
  6. Hello,

    Is this problem solved?


  7. Great! Thanks for all! :> I am waiting about !
  8. This is easy to simulate. In the JS called example-data.js

    <script type="text/javascript" src="../example-data.js"></script>

    We can increase the ranger in random data that will push. So, It...
  9. I noticed one thing .. When selecting the legend, the graph is not redrawn. If I change the window size and force a redraw, it appears that the y-axis scale is changed. But is not updated. :-?
  10. Hello,

    I m using the sencha 4.1. The last, no?

    Yes. I did as example says.

    Thanks for you reply!
  11. Hello,

    I have a line chart in my application that presents the following problem.

    When I click the first item in the legend, the series usually disappears from my chart. Soon after, I clicked...
  12. Hey! Thanks!

    So how would I do?

  13. Hii! Thanks for your reply!

    It returns empty. I inspected it using firebug.

    Object { classificacao="0", nomedaorganizacao="ÁGUAS DO PARAÍBA S/A", Fev="", porc="", soma=""

  14. Hello all,

    I am trying to load data in the grid using metadata format json and grid.reconfigure method.

    This is my json from server.

    "metaData": {
    "root": "data",
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