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  1. it is import com.extjs.gxt.ui.client.widget.form.SimpleComboBox;

    I tried option like setShadow(false)...but not working, still i am finding shadow..

    I am using gxt 2.2.1...Please suggest me...
  2. I want to remove the shadow which appears on expand on SimpleComboBox.
    I get the shadow as attached image.

    below is my code
    private SimpleComboBox<String> getSimpleComboBox(List<String>...
  3. I am not getting the initial Value for Light Column and after clicking and selecting only it starts displaying.

    also, for column account Name, I am not able to make it display as String. where I...
  4. why for column Light, data is not displayed initially, After clicking on combobox and then when I select something at that time only it starts displaying, I mean it should display like data is...
  5. Hi fschaeffer,

    Ya, you are right, I was not aware of the feature you mention.

    Let me check that.

    Thanks a lot for help.
  6. I have one one Grid which contain 4 column and somewhere column contain TextField and somewhere ComboBox, I achieved this by calling renderer for particular ColumnConfig.
    Each row is haveing one...
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