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  1. I have been using gwt seggest box in my project. I need to set id(int) and value(string) into suggest box.

    MultiWordSuggestOracle oracle = new MultiWordSuggestOracle();
  2. I want to display distinct values on combox. I am getting the values stores

    Group Number

    A 1
    B 2
    C 1
    D 3
    E ...
  3. I having trouble getting pop-up window in IE. I have used following code. Its works fine in Firefox but not in IE6., "Admin ",
  4. I want to select records from combobox. How to use it.
  5. Im developing the project by using GXT-2.1.1. I want to display vehicle details for selected vehicleGroup in the grid with checked(checkbox). Im having vehicleGroup combobox it is displaying...
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