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    I was developing an ExtJS application for about 4 years on one of my current contracts (currently on ExtJS 5.1 so no experience with ExtJS 6). Was a large technology vendor in the MLS industry so a...
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    It's funny you mention Aurelia as I had been looking into it and felt it had the same feel as ExtJS. Just not sure what adoption is going to look like long term so it would be something I can play...
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    I remember being at the 2008 AJAXian conference in Boston and one the of Keynotes was which framework should you use. At the time there was Sencha, JQuery, Dojo and YUI among others. The speaker said...
  4. Hi Gary,

    I just tried this with the 5.1.1 in Firefox and I see the fix is the scroll the picker popup portion of the scroll "with" the text portion of the control. Just curious as to why this fix...
  5. Ext version tested:

    Browser versions tested against:

    Firefox 35.0.1

    A combobox inside a scrolling container when expand won't collapse when the container is...
  6. fast FIX! :)

    onTouchMove: function(e) {
    var me = this,
    mousePointerType = me.mousePointerType;

    if (me.isStarted) {
    // In IE10/11, the...
  7. I'm not sure if this issue is still being looked at or not but I narrowed down the issue and it's an IE10/11 "pointerup" event not firing on scrollbars when after moving said scrollbar. It apparently...
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    This also occurs in the TagField control so assuming it's a boundlist specific issue. You'll select multiple items then accidentally drag select on another selection and it deselects everything.This...
  9. This sounds like it'll be the same issue as documented for the combobox

    I'll be watching...
  10. If I had to guess, this is a general issue with IE10/11 (Windows 7 anyway) where clicking and dragging a scroll bar causes a blur event on what ever input had focus. IE8/9, Chrome, Firefox, etc don't...
  11. Any update on this issue?

    I tried just now With Internet Explorer 11 on the kitchen sink site:

    Expand this list, scroll the...
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    I installed the Mozilla Nightly and Firebug 2.0 and it's working now. It is however very slow stepping through javascript and I can see the Firebug window doing almost a complete "draw" every time I...
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    Having the same issue where Firefox 30 + Firebug 2.0 breaks my ExtJS 4.1 application in a whole lot of places. That said, I noticed it broke other sites as well. I reverted back to Firebug 1.12.8 for...
  14. Any word on if the "layout runs causes scroll position to be lost" issue will be fixed at some point. The "patch" mentioned doesn't appear to work and most of us have come up with hacks to get around...
  15. Thought I'd throw this out there in case it helps anyone else.

    I ended up using this:



  16. Thanks Gjslick for all that work you did with your break down and thanks Animal for the work around and letting us know you'll get a fix in.
  17. The only thing I can suggest is look and see if there is a layout call invoked. Pretty much anything that causes a layout and re-calculation of containers will cause the underlying DIVS to be set to...
  18. Anyone else having an issue with bindStore() on boxselect? After I set a dataStore to the boxselect and "expand" it, if I call bindStore() with the new datastore as a parameter, it doesn't take. If I...
  19. Glad I found this thread. Having the exact same issue and I was going mad trying to come up with a a fix.

    I implemented my own virtual scrolling system as the form could contain 500 - 1000...
  20. I actually have a problem right now where regardless of wmode set to the FlashComponent, it injects an OBJECT with wmode set to "window" in Internet Explorer 8.

    In my case I'm creating a new Ext...
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