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  1. Thank you ,i workaround it with the following code which could be found at

    extractFileInput: function()...
  2. Hi all,

    The file field of the form panel will be reset to empty value when invoking the submit method.
    In my case,I need to keep the value of the file field ,who can help me?
    Thanks a...
  3. hi,
    When the waitMsg parameter is set, the messagebox of callback shows behind the MainWindow.

    the code following will reproduce it.
    Select one file ,and press save button.

  4. The Neptune example kitchensink works in IE9 with all icons shown correctly.

    But in Firefox12, the close, min or max button of the window shows a blank rectange,
    as well as a few icons in other...
  5. Scott,

    Thank you very much, it works now with your code.
  6. Hi,
    please run the following code, and then scroll the grid to the last row.
    when you click the tbar button 'click' to change the value of a field (not the groupField),
    the grid will scrolls...
  7. Thx for your reply

    The grid will works, but the checkbox cannot be checked.
  8. BUG: Selection is disabled in grid, when store loads from remote with autoLoad set to false.

    if autoLoad set to true, it works. The row can be selected with CheckboxModel

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