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  1. Still running into this issue. Any chance it could be added as a feature request? It's a low hanging fruit - about as low as you can get.
  2. I've come across the same problem in 5.1.2.

    The workaround I've used has been:
    children: [] // pass your array of items in here

    ...setRoot can accept a JSON object...
  3. Even within the same project would be nice too!
    The existing 'duplicate' works but can be a bit tedious when trying to drag the duplicate to another view in a large project.
  4. The docs suggest that the value and record are passed to the validate function of a vaildator, however in 6.0.1, only the value is passed in.
  5. FYI, the override we are using for ExtJS6 Modern is below. We were getting errors in onEdgeSwipeEnd too.

    In our application, we don't want to be able swipe from the side to bring the menu up (must...
  6. This bug still exists in ExtJS6 modern toolkit. The same fix still applies.
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    Yes, an example from Sencha would be much appreciated.
    I've spent some time now trying to find a way to programatically set the mainView in a way that allows common controller code for both modern...
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    Have you come across a way to do this in a universal app?

    I've removed the mainView config from app.js, and am calling setMainView from the launch function in Application.js after determining...
  9. Yes, the documentation is rather poor in this area. I've just spent the past hour trying to work it out myself. What you are after is something like the following. Note that I've added easing and...
  10. Just following up on this. The issue still occurs in 5.1.1.
  11. Like many others I'm also finding the lack of an official position on SA frustrating. Despite the (sometimes numerous) quirks, I find SA invaluable in our day to day development. It would be a real...
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    Thanks for the reply.

    You are correct, I just tried Ext.grid.column.Column tdCls and it didn't help.

    In the end I solved this by setting metaData.innerCls from within the cell renderer (I...
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    In one particular grid in our application, I need to adjust the white space and padding CSS to something like:

    white space: pre;
    padding: 0px 10px 0px 10px;

    As opposed to these values defined...
  14. As per the following fiddle:

    the .setProperty method on the property grid fails when creating a new property. The fiddle works as expected if ExtJS 4 is...
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    Sorry for the late reply.

    Yes, this works when an application is built, but doesn't seem to work when using the non-built version.

    The screenshot below shows the configuration I'm using for a...
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    I'm seeing the same problem. Looks like the microloader is pulling it in before the rest of ExtJS?

    For now I work around this by creating my overrides outside of SA then adding it to the...
  17. aconran advises that search has been improved in SA 3.2.
  18. Excellent. Looking forward to it.
    In case others come across this, I read elsewhere that there should be an EAP release in a few weeks.
  19. I've just sent this to you via PM. Thanks for looking into it.
  20. In the attached image, I'm trying to edit the function updateContent (which should actually now be moved to the view controller now that we have the MVVM pattern), but the editor has gotten out of...
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    Thanks for the tips, but even with these changes SA feels particularly slow on a largish project.

    Other aspects of our project involve Java using the Eclipse IDE and I'm often envious at the speed...
  22. Is there any news on this? Between this issue, the current search implementation, and a general slowness Sencha Architect is quite painful to work with on a larger project.
  23. Ext version tested:

    Browser versions tested against:
    Chromium 38

    DOCTYPE tested against:

  24. When using the search functionality in the code editor, it'd be great if no results were found, some text saying '0 results' or similar could be shown somewhere in the search bar. The same area could...
  25. FYI, this still occurs in Cmd version (not publicly available, obtained through our support subscription)
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