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    Where did you put the card layout? It has to be put inside the config of your navigation view:

    Ext.define("MyApp.view.Main", {
    extend: 'Ext.navigation.View',
    xtype: 'mainscreen',
  2. Hi Tinderbox, have u found the solution? I've been looking for the answer to this as well.
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    I think you have to define it in the layout config. Try this:

    layout : {
    type: 'card',


    type: 'flip'
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    See the default index.html file when you generate a Sencha app. It would be much easier if you're just gonna show a static image.
    Notice the <div id="appLoadingIndicator">

    <!DOCTYPE HTML>...
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    I think pop() will destroy the view, so you have to re-instantiate the view again.
  6. You can use defaultBackButtonText if:
    The previous view does not have a title
    The useTitleForBackButtonText configuration is true.
  7. Hey Mitchell!
    It took more than 2 seconds for the screen to go back to the initial view (there were 5 views after the initial view).
    Any tips on how to speed things up?
  8. Thanks!
  9. Thanks Mitchell!!! It works. Cool \:D/
  10. I moved the entire MyApp folder to a new location. Like before it's sites/MyApp, then I moved it to sites/test/MyApp.
  11. Scenario: I created an app using 'sencha generate app MyApp ../MyApp'. Here I can do 'sencha app build production'. Then I moved the MyApp folder to a different location.

    Problem: In the new...
  12. I got similar error when updating the web app. Is there something wrong with how Sencha deals with HTML5 cache?
  13. Try to call Ext.Msg.alert inside the launch:function() in app.js, after you initialize the main view.
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    Did you mean sorting items like the phonebook app?
    If that's what you meant, then this is how I do it:

    In the view class:

    Ext.define("MyApp.view.PhoneBook", {
    extend: 'Ext.dataview.List',...
  15. When I have an update.
  16. I got this error when I deployed the production app to a server:

    Error evaluating with message: SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier

    Creating Application Cache...
  17. I've created a custom xtype:

    Ext.define("MyApp.view.ShopItem", {
    extend: 'Ext.Panel',
    xtype: 'shopitem',

    layout: 'hbox',
  18. Thanks Mitchell! It did remove the weird '{}' that's shown in the overlay list, but the chosen item was not rendered in the selectfield :(
    If I only use either 'name', or 'city', then only it's...
  19. I'm using store data for selectfield, and the data is something like

    {name: "Batman", city: "City A", code: "BAT"},
    {name: "Superman", city: "City B", code: "SUP"},
    {name: "Spiderman",...
  20. I'm using usePicker:false on selectfield, but I didn't find a way to group the data on the overlay Ext.List.
    Is it possible to do this?
  21. I've been looking for this. Thanks for sharing this \:D/
  22. If I have a html in the panel, and I have several <img> with certain id, how to detect the tap event on the <img>?
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    If you're on Mac, try this in your root directory of ST2:

    ./command/sencha generate app MyAppName ../MyAppName
  24. I've created a js function to draw the seating map, and thinking of put the html output to an html of a panel.
    However, I've been trying to listen to tap event on that panel, by creating a listener...
  25. Hi guys,

    I've been trying to listen for a tap event on a panel, it works if I use this:

    Ext.define('MyApp.view.MyContainerOfPanel', {
    extend: 'Ext.Container',
    xtype: 'mycontainer',
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