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    Hi.. i use it with my local separator like ( '0.000,00/i' ) for ( 1.000,00 ) but its not work, what wrong?
  2. ok, whether it's better was made auto hide after a few seconds no action? how to do? .. other than the actual mouseover, after the user shifts the volume, the volume slider will hide.

    Oops .....
  3. Hi this my first extension post here..
    I hope you like it, and i hope can be perfected with the idea of my friends here..

    Demo :
    Link : ...
  4. Hi chramer .. thanks for reply , it's work for me.. And sorry for my code, absolutely i use 'displayField' and 'valueField'.., it after listeners on my code, sorry.. i just copy from firebug...
  5. hi i create combobox on extjs 4.0.7
    My first code :
    Not working, not result on console...just blank.

    xtype: 'combobox',
    id: 'zipcode',
  6. Hi all, What problems on my codes below? This my grid is working ok, I load store with pageSize = 10 & Use PagingToolbar , on first Pages : My listener ( itemdblclick ) is working, But I click To...
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    Hi all,my cuuent extjs is 4.0.7.. how to make panel collapse first on render...?

    I create with
    collapseFirst : true but it can't make my panel collapse first on render..

    thanks before
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    I have no sreenshot... just feed viewer on example extjs... but not load data, this i mean dynamicaly is load panel..
    ex: 1. I have two menu, i call it menu A and menu B
    2. If i push menu A...
  9. Hi I create grid base on Layout Browser Example with border layout..
    I create 2 Pages with 1 Grid every pages....
    I got this error if on 2nd grid i use PagingToolbar..

    I try this on...
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    How to make dynamicly panel, ex: feed viewer but not just grid/content.. but panel.. thanks
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    thanks my problem is resolved, but i make litle change here, this my code :

    Ext.create('Ext.form.Panel', {
    renderTo: Ext.getBody(),
    items: [{
    xtype: 'checkbox',
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    Hi all, I want create fires on checkbox..
    this my case :
    I have one checkbox & one textfield , If Checkbox values = 1 OR Checkbox event change The Textfield is enable but if Checkbox values = 0...
  13. Yeah, i think this code is true, on my first grid is working perfectly..
    but on 2nd grid it's not working,.. or this because the parrent layout..because this my step...
    1. I have 2 grid .. on Up...
  14. Sorry!
    this my code have error..
    This my Window :

    var win_c = Ext.create('Ext.window.Window',{
    closable: true,
    closeAction: 'hide',
    width: 600,
    minWidth: 350,
  15. This My Form code :
    var win_c_form = Ext.create('Ext.form.Panel',{ id: 'win_c_form',
    border: false,
    frame: false,
    layout: 'anchor',
  16. Hi all,help me please..

    I have code for GRID,
    This PROXY:
    var ADProxy = Ext.create('',{
    api: {
    create : 'grid.php',
    read : 'grid.php',
  17. Hi , im using extjs 4.1-pr

    How to make combobox like this =>
    <option name="opt1" value="value1" selected="selected">Value One</option>
    <option name="opt1" value="value2">Value...
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