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  1. /* reset tab styles for ExtJS 4.2.1 */
    .x-tab .x-tab-inner { font-weight: normal; color:#6F98CE; }
    .x-tab-over .x-tab-inner { font-weight: normal; color:#3764A0; }
    .x-tab-active .x-tab-inner {...
  2. There is the class version

    .colFlag .x-column-header-inner { background:transparent url(/images/flag_red.png) no-repeat 3px 3px !important; text-indent:-250px; }

    and then in column...
  3. Ext.define('GlobalStatModel', {
    extend : '',
    idProperty : 'dateStat',
    fields : [
    'dateStat', 'idUser',
  4. In the model, I set the date to be idProperty, which is not unique, and through him I perform grouping. For this reason the grid showed only one element for each date.

    I deleted the attribute and...
  5. ExtJS 4.2.1 final groupingsummary grid show only last row in each group.
    4.2.1 beta works fine. I try in FireFox 21.

    Please help, I'm going to downgrade to 4.2.1b for this.
  6. Problem:
    ExtJS 4.2 hide hidden field, but don't hide table that surrounds the field.

    In your css file put
    .x-form-item-hidden { display:none; }

    This CSS is in style attribute of...
  7. I found the solution
    Here I will indicate the changes that need to be made in Ext-all and Ext-all-debug documents to rowexpander working.

    The ext-all-debug line in 114752 is needed instead
  8. Hi,

    In version 4.2 demo does not work properly.
    colspan decreases and details narrows by one column to the right with each new main row

    post withs same problem:...
  9. Yes.
    You can also use beforeselect and itemdblclick combination.
    It is important not to use itemclick and itemdblclick, because each dblclick creates 2x click,
    while select (or beforeselect)...
  10. You don't need to use itemclick and itemdblclick events.
    Use select and itemdblclick events
  11. You don't need to use itemclick and itemdblclick events.
    Use select and itemdblclick events
  12. Try:

    phpStore.loadPage(1); // reload store and jump to first page on grid
    phpStore.loadPage(phpStore.currentPage); // reload store and stay on current page
  13. Replies
    I vote for standalone version
  14. Replies
    Do you have some implementation examle?
  15. I try Opera,Chrome, IE and only FF have problem with this!!!
  16. Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.0.7

    Browser versions tested against:

    FireFox 8 (Windows)
  17. Hi,

    I create my own validate class and works fine in Opera:

    Create adv-vtypes.js file

    Work in ExtJS 4
  18. I have same problem, FireFox work fine, but Opera block cursor keys.

    If textfield have vtype atribute, cursors left/right/backspace not works.
    Without vtype, everithing works fine.

  19. Hi,

    If you want to change the label in ExtJS 4, here are solutions

    Ext.override(Ext.form.Field, {
    setFieldLabel : function(text) {
    if (this.rendered)...
  20. Hi,

    There is no option that will automatically forward the changes.
    It is necessary to add a button that will process and forward the grid changes

    The steps are as follows:

  21. Replies
    How to apply this plugin on ExtJS 4?

  22. Hi,

    ExtJS 4 has changed the way of displaying icons in the grid header.

    In the version 3 was necessary, within the definition of columns, to define the ID for the column, for example. id:...
  23. Hi again,
    I found solution:

    1. in Ext.ux.form.LovCombo.css add this
    .ux-lovcombo-level--1 { font-weight:bold; } /* category level */
    .ux-lovcombo-level-0 {...
  24. How to organize lovcombo list as tree?
    I need list with categories (bold or some other style) and subcategories (left padding 20px).
    I try to set html tags on element (category work with<b> tag),...
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