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  1. Hi. Your test is working properly. So my problem is something else.
  2. I mean, the editor does not show the caret when clicking on the editor text.

    Thus, the focus gets a window, not the editor. Although, when you click on the toolbar, everything works correctly.
  3. Excellent. The windows actually switched. But the focus remains on the window, not the editor. One has to click on the editor to start editing.

    If you do like the usual input fields, the caret...
  4. This code is not working properly. The first time you click, activate the desired window. On subsequent clicks on the editors in other windows is activated only the first window.
  5. I looked at the windows overlap each other.
  6. Does not make the active window when you click on the editor. If you click on another input field - the window becomes active.

    Verified by the example of desktop application.
  7. Immediately after opening the editor, if you paste text in "Edit HTML source" dialog box and click "Submit",
    then the commands:

  8. In the form, click on form label does not focus tinyeditor.
  9. All dialog windows shown under the main fullscreen-mode window.
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