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    Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.2.2
    Ext.grid.feature.RowBody.rowBodyCls has wrong value

    According to source code...
  2. But it will be inconsistent behavior with other fields. I my project I have many configured fields then in runtime I read this configuration and create Ext fields. I do not want put additional logic...
    Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.2.0
    Browser versions tested against:

    ALL Browsers

    'value' config does not work
  4. Thank you
  5. Could you please post fix here. I see in ext- this work. But I need this for 4.1.3
  6. Yes. Thank You
  7. In Ext 4.1.1 qtip appears only over inputEl field, in my version 4.1.3 qtip appears over inputEl field and over DatePicker trigger. With

    me.getActionEl().dom.setAttribute(prop, active || '');...
  8. According current API documentation this method was fixed. But I have Ext 4.1.3 where this line looks like

  9. Additional error in setError method. This code causes two different qtips over datefield in my case.

    setError: function(active){
    var me = this,
    msgTarget =...
  10. I try this solution, it helps for no-modal windows. But if our window

    modal: true

    I still have the same issue.
  11. I have Ext 4.1.3 and this not work. Window appears in front of modal Messagebox.

    function() {
    var win = Ext.create('widget.window', {
    height: 130,

    Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.1.3
    Browser versions tested against:

    ALL Browsers
  13. This is simple example where I want to show You problem with loadmask. In my real project I have many panels in application, then i bring Ext.window.Window where I have several grids(some of grids is...
  14. I use
    Ext.getCmp('grid').setLoading('......') the same behavior
  15. And how to do this?
  16. In my real project I use default loadMask for Ext.grid.Panel om my Ext.window.Window. Mask from Ext.grid.Panel overlaps Ext.window.Window. What should I do to avoid this problem or this is Ext bug?...
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