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  1. It's possible to use component query to get all record fields (textfields, radio, etc.) childs of a given container or for axample a given fieldset?

    Thank you!
  2. When this problem will be fixed? +1
  3. I'm using a MVC architecture... this is not the grid but the controller....
  4. ... and then?
  5. eopts is present in documentation but:TypeError: eOpts is undefinedconsole.log(eOpts.scope);in Firebug Why???
  6. Hallo,

    I've to do something on row select on a grid panel.
    select event parameters are:

    - this (the selection model not the grid),
    - record,
    - index,
  7. Wow...!!!!

  8. It's possible to setup color background for a portion of the text rendered in a cellgrid?

    After a search on server data I show a grid with n. lines of results. I search for a single word and...
  9. with the config:

    collapseMode: 'header',

    a tab panel child of a border layout mantain tolls!

    As I can see you lost floating options...
  10. See this:

    I think that the goal is to have tools visible either in this beaviour!
  11. Replies
    You need a server side script that can read sql data from different db like oracle, mysql etc. and convert response of a query in json or xml format.

    Actually I'm using PHP on a Oracle Db but it's...
  12. Same problem. now solved, for me. I haven't find in documentation and examples any about server correct response for buffered store or infinite grid.
  13. Where I want to do something similar.. I use Ext.bind, look API for details.
  14. I'have to remove isFocusable control?

    //if (c.isFocusable()) {

    and how to override it? I'have to override Ext.dom.Query?
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    I'm tring to integrate gridprinter plugin in my project. I get an error: 'record is undefined' on line 72766 of ext-all-debug where ext call method getGroups:

  16. My goal is to have an array of all menuitem, seems that quering for xtype 'menuitems' returns only actives and enabled.

    Any suggestion?

  17. I have 3 'menuitem', I collect a reference to menuitems with this controquery: item.up('menu').down('menuitem') ... starting point (item) is one of the menuitems

    Once is clicked I want hide...
  18. Perfect! Tanks
  19. Hi, I've a combox with force selection to false, I need two different actions if combo value comes from selection or not.

    Any suggest?

  20. Same issue for me, tools only appears when i click to expand a panel, and disappears on panel collaps. (I need a panel collapsed at startup), I'm using
  21. Perfect with the array in config.

  22. menu.add({
    xtype: 'menuitem',
    text: item.text,
    tooltip: 'mytooltip',
    icon: '/icons/itemicon.png',
    mvcfunction: item.mvcfunction,
    handler: dmanHandler
  23. And why I can't add a ref and use the getter:

    xtype: 'menuitem',
    itemId: 'meFiltroPdf',
    icon: 'images/icons/acrobat.png',
  24. Yes
  25. Now works, problem is that works so:

    // Add events
    'click': Ext.bind(me.stampaReport,me,['pdf','null']),
    scope: me
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