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  1. The following patch/override seems to be solving the problem (at least for me):
    --- a/ext/packages/core/src/scroll/TouchScroller.js
    +++ b/ext/packages/core/src/scroll/TouchScroller.js
    @@ -381,11...
  2. Gotcha. Many thanks!
  3. Looks like related or the same as this.
  4. It looks like scrolling on touch devices does not take into account that the scrollable content may dynamically grow or shrink. Consider this example (, classic toolkit):
  5. This is technically not a bug but rather a programming flaw that bugs you. The implementation of onBlur method in Ext.util.Focusable contains the provision for validateOnBlur coded in. This provision...
  6. It will be a traversable child then, won't it? You'll be able to dig it out as this.getView().down(selector) where selector could be say the form's itemId or even simply "form" — if the form is the...
  7. All possible:
    listeners: {
    click: {
    fn: 'doStuff',
    args: ['foo', 'bar']

    doStuff: function(a, b) {
    console.log(this.getView().$className, a, b);
  8. Did you try downloading and installing Sencha CMD (versus upgrading)? Worked for me.
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    They are not opposed anymore. Sencha Touch and Ext JS is one thing now called Ext JS 6. The former is represented by its "modern" "toolkit", the latter by "classic".

    Also, classic Ext JS (both Ext...
  10. I think that message should also be considered a bug :D
  11. This is a weird issue with handling the max-width CSS property.
    It can be seen happening in the following circumstances together:

    inside components with xtype: 'box' (if using xtype: 'container'...
  12. +1

    (Though I appreciate that sitting on ADSL in rural New Zealand should be considered my problem, not Sencha's :D)

    Anyway, example:
  13. You can if you need to.
    It would involve loading the file using AJAX call and applying the received JSON as above in the callback.
  14. Fiddle:

    Problem: After clicking on a cell to start editing, a next click on it completes editing.

    How to reproduce:
    Single-click on an email or name cell...
  15. Many thanks Joel! I missed those bits, but now things are clear.

    I have a feature request now though. Please consider moving this thread to Feature Requests.

    The feature I am asking is just the...
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    Just download and install Sencha CMD and follow the tutorial I posted link to.

    You will not even need to edit index.html manually or worry what JS files to include etc. The final production build...
  17. Ext.getCmp('checks') is referring to the panel, not to the checkbox group.

    .add( { boxLabel: 'field4', name: 'name5', inputValue: '5' })
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    Let Sencha CMD care of that for you.
  19. That is intentional according to the doc wording.

    But that only limits your use of the getStore method. Nothing prevents you from putting store in controller's config and accessing it:...
  20. Looks like it is not explicitly supported. But in the meantime, calling the "private" constructValidators method on the data field should suffice:
  21. That would only be a bug if it happened to Ext.dom.Query, not Ext.ComponentQuery. Ext JS components do not necessarily have to be represented in the DOM, they can be sitting in the memory waiting for...
  22. Consider this example:
    Ext.define('Foo', {
    extend: '',
    fields: ['name'],
    proxy: {
    type: 'ajax',
    url: location.href
    var foo =...
  23. There is no need to add listeners to each tile individually. Do it on the tile container (the component holding your tile template) with the delegate option:
    listeners: {
    click: function(event,...
  24. Seems like nothing has changed with the new major version, 6. OK, will fallback to Ext.get(window).on('unload' for now.
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    You can organise your app folders whatever way you want. The only rule is to keep folders, file names and Ext class names aligned to each other.

    That is simply because there is a reference to...
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