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  1. thank you izak, the error comes from comma ;p thank you
  2. Hi all.
    i want to display few characteristics of my account object.
    so i thought to use ItemTPL.
    i did like this.
    for my store i put:

    Ext.regStore('infocomptes', {
  3. thank you its works now :)
  4. hi. thank you for your reply.

    i tried as you say "compteID" but it still the same problem, it's load without displaying any thing.
    im using this code to display the multiselectielf with picker...
  5. Hi all.
    im doing a mobile app using sencha touch1 and i want to populate a multiselect field with my RESTFUL web service made by WCF.
    here is my store

    Ext.regStore('storeCPT', {
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