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    Have you had any problems with the accuracy of readings from GPS?
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    I know it's in beta now and free to use but has pricing for been determined? Will it be /mb, /transaction, /user or otherwise?
  3. Are there any per app or per developer storage limitations? If I have 5,000 users each storing 30mb on average for a total of 150gb will that present a problem with I know there are...
  4. So, I guess I could use a sync store for their current data and use a proxy store for their historical data. That would give them access to the most vital stuff all the time and all the information...
  5. Jason,

    Thanks for the prompt reply. I guess I misunderstood how the data sharing and privacy worked. I need to share data among some users but not all users. Each company (my customer) will...
  6. I have an app that I'm porting from an older system that has thousands of active users. Can I create users and groups with the API as opposed to using the Dashboard interface?

    Also, each user has...
  7. I have a project that sounds like a really good for for I need to store data locally on Mobile devices so that users can still work when coverage is not available.

    How much data can...
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