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  1. Having the same problem when building my app. Any solution out there?
  2. up! anyone came up with some sort of solution?
  3. anyone???:D
  4. is it possible to call the Safari app when selecting the link so that the application is still functional after app switch?

    This bug is rather annoying, any help would be highly appreciated.
  5. please provide us with an answer, this is a major issue in ST2
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    When adding the application to an iPhone via Xcode's Organizer, the following error message appears:

    Any help would be highly appreciated
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    I am also facing the same problem when trying to deploy my app in iPhone. It works in simulator but packaging seems to break because of incorrect signing.

    I have tried downloading both...
  8. You could check the O'reilly application in the example folder of Sencha Touch 2.

  9. Being a total newbie in the mobile application developing world, i have been trying to deploy a sencha touch example app (Oreily to be precise) in Xcode.

    Until now i have tried both native...
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