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  1. I'd gotten rid of all the id's and it works. I don't know what other problems not having id's will do, but at least the linking is working as expected. :)
  2. I just don't understand the point of linking if its meant for re-use but you can't re-use anything. In any sane way.
  3. I did this and it worked, partly:

    var myTabPanel = Ext.getCmp('venueTabPanel');
    var loginContainer = Ext.getCmp('loginContainer');

    Problem is now, when I go...
  4. I was thinking whether I could add an already created component to a tabpanel like so:

    var loginContainer = Ext.getCmp('loginContainer');

    title : 'Login'
    WHAT TO...
  5. Hi,

    I have a container that is linked to 2 tabpanels. The first tabpanel that is loaded works fine.

    However when I navigate to the second tab panel, the container is not loaded. And instead...
  6. I've also tried associating the model, and loading the JSON, but it only loads the parent object, not the children.
  7. I have looked at assocation HasMany!/api/

    But the example explains how the model children are automatically loaded and filtered. ...
  8. Hi,

    I have am fetching some data via JsonP, it has a one-to-many relationship with 'Parent' and 'Child' models.

    My Json has a variable called 'children' in Parent, which is an array of Child...
  9. I actually just updated the initial controller to slide to the right. But I don't think this is the right way, because this controller shouldn't have to know how to make a view 're-appear' based on...
  10. Hi,

    I have a Container I am bringing to the view like so from a route:
    var c = Ext.getCmp('venueContainer');
    if(c === undefined) c = Ext.create('Cups.view.VenueContainer');
  11. I have figured it out, you have to use animateActiveItem()

    Ext.Viewport.animateActiveItem(c, {type:'slide'});
  12. Hi,

    I am coming from one controller, and using routing, going to the next controller.

    In the next controller (in the router) I have this code:
    var c = Ext.getCmp('venueContainer');
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    I figured this out, I just removed and re-added the route rule and that part was ok.

    I also get the component instead of always creating it, this makes sure the back/forward buttons work as...
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    I have a route that works when I go directly to the URL #venue/1234

    However, when using redirectTo('venue/1234'), the Container is not initialised or shown.

    Here is the route function:
  15. I would like to see some examples linked from here:!/guide

    All the examples in that guide just show where things are in architect, rather than explain how to...
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    I also noticed I have a third controller defined in Architect, but its not listed in the Application configuration:

    controllers: [
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    I don't know why it wasn't being called, but I deleted the controller and re-added it again and it is now called.

    The problem I have now, is all controllers init() and launch() are run one after...
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    For some reason my application is going to a controller, and totally skipping the Applications launch() function.

    Instead I want to call the Applications launch() function, and then decide...
  19. Hi, in my reader I have specified the messageProperty field as 'message', and the success field as 'success'.

    Here is the json I am fetching:
    success: false,
    message: "This is...
  20. Hi,

    I have created a constants class, and I'd like to use this to set the 'url' property of an

    So I create a new JsonP in Architect, and try to set the 'url', but it borks...
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    I create an object in extraParams of a like so:{
    'p': 'venue',
    'a': 'searchNearby',

    The result in the code is this:
  22. I have to agree, there are not many decent guides, and what there is are usually lacking in some way, things are not fully explained.

    This is especially true with jumping right into Architect 2,...
  23. I just figured it out.

    I add a Container with a vbox layout inside the parent Fit Container, then set a static height for the form, and a flex for the List.

    Hope this helps anybody else.
  24. Hi,

    I have 2 components, Ext.form.Panel and Ext.dataview.List

    They both sit inside a Ext. Container

    The problem I have is when I set the Ext.Container layout to fit, the List will stretch...
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