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    Can someone help me with the config markup to create the following layout:

    | ------------ |
    | | Form | |
    | ------------ |
    | | || | |
    | | || | |
  2. How do I catch the scroll event on a treepanel using a Controller?
  3. Any news? I'm using 4.1 RC2.
  4. There ended up being two issues.
    1. When a field is disabled/enabled, it is not re-validated. I think it should be since the disabled status makes a difference to validation.
    2. The CheckboxGroup...
  5. It appears that setting 'disabled' on a field does not fire the validitychange event. Does this sound like a bug?
  6. I have a recurrence scheduling app which uses a Card layout to display options for "Daily, Weekly, etc." The Weekly card displays a checkboxgroup containing a checkbox for each day of the week. ...
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    Attached is my version updated for Ext4.

    Here's the code I use to actually use the ErrorHandler:

    function setupErrorHandlers() { //1. Setup Global Error Handler
  8. Anyone? I don't think I can make the test code any simpler.

  9. Why isn't the following working? I can see the "parent-test," but not the "inner-test"s.

    alias: "widget.MainView",
    extend: "",
    items: [
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    Thank you! I tried to go to the user control panel, but everything was in Japanese :)
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    Attached is UX.ErrorHandler class (this replaces my Ext.ux.ErrorHandler class for Ext3).

    I removed the "Ext" namespace so the dynamic loader will work as expected:

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    I've seen the Ext3 threads on this topic. How do I format a date value on a DisplayField using Ext4?
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    Not exactly about Ext itself, but can someone tell me how to set the globalization back to English? I assume it's just me and not everyone on the forum. I've cleared my cookies and restarted the...
  15. Thanks Steffan. I had thought about this approach (I didn't remember the bindStore method), but it didn't feel very MVC-ish. I don't think Controllers should have this much knowledge of the Views....
  16. Using the Ext4 MVC framework, are store definitions meant to be reusable?

    For example, let's say I have an "AllUsers" grid and a "SearchUsers" grid. The appearance of the grids would be...
  17. How do I get the dom element from the BasicForm object?

    In Ext3, I could serialize a form during a call to store.load(). For example, a "Search" form allows the user to enter criteria and a...
  18. Anyone got an answer to this?

    I've got a "main panel" with a Menu and a TabPanel. When a Menu item is clicked, I'd like to create a new tab in the TabPanel. The controller is "controlling" the...
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    With version 4 around the corner and all the awesome new features, I'm hoping to hear some new on this issue? Will we get an exception handler?
  20. The following change makes it work.

    doLayout: function(shallow, force) {
    if (this.rendered) {
    var innerCt = this.innerCt;

    innerCt.forceLayout = !!this.ownerCt &&...
  21. Hey Jay,

    Thanks for the offer. I eventually gave up and used jQuery (not my favorite decision). The list was a basic <UL><LI....</UL>.
  22. I've got a span filled with divs. I want to be able to re-order the divs. As I move an item up or down, I want the sibling item to "jump" into the vacant spot. The following code achieves this...
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    Awesome widget! I'm very impressed!

    Unfortunately, it doesn't appear to handle all the forms of color definitions. Specifically, the form of "rgb(0,0,0)" and colornames do not appear to work.
  24. Hey Prophet - That's my class :) I use it everywhere I can, and it works very well. I'm glad that someone else is taking advantage of it.

    Oliver, the browser inconsistencies I'm talking about...
  25. You can always take the direct approach and override Ext.decode.

    (function() {
    var f = Ext.util.JSON.decode;
    Ext.util.JSON.decode = function() {
    try {
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