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  1. Any help please......
  2. Hi all

    Not sure whether this is the right place to post this question.
    How to add a vertical scroll bar to the control Ext.ux.form.MultiSelect ...
  3. How to vertically align the CheckboxSelectionModel?When I add CheckboxSelectionModel in a GridPanel, checkboxes come with a alignment issue.I am attaching the image here.Please have a look.I want the...
  4. thank you very much for this code.
    It is working fine in my system except that I need to click twice to open the window (which include lovcombo) and to click twice to select "ALL" item.This issue...
  5. Hi all,

    Is it possible to drag and drop rows within a grid , means changing the order of rows?I could see many examples for drag and drop rows between grids, but not within a grid.Can somebody...
  6. Hi all,

    Can anyone guide me with useful url which shows how to add a color picker ?

  7. I am also facing the same issue.Can you please help me with solution

  8. any ideas on this??
  9. What I want is sub rows for each main row in the grid.I do not mean extjs grouping but something similar to difference is instead of...
  10. thank you very worked
  11. Do any one know the answer of this? I would like to put a text field in grid, not in columns but at bottom side of the grid along with buttons.Please help!

  12. Hi all,

    Is it possible to put a textfield in extjs grid (Ext.grid.GridPanel) like placing buttons?
    (buttons: new Ext.Button({ id:'validatebutton' });)

  13. Replies
    Hi all,

    Is it possible to have a check box in grid grouping ? So on click of the check box , all the rows under that particular group should be selected.Also other group rows should remain...
  14. Now I am getting another error like "Ext.ux.grid.GroupSummary is not a constructor" .Please help

  15. I am using another plugin Ext.ux.grid.Search which is working fine..any one facing similar issue with GroupSummary?
  16. I got an error "Ext.ux.grid.GroupSummary is undefined" ,but I do have the file Ext.ux.grid.GroupSummary.js .I copied the code from
  17. any ideas?
  18. Hi ,

    I am trying to add group summary like in .But when I intiates the class HybridSummary like

    var summary = new...
  19. thanks a lot...extjs rocksss ..also your support :) ...thanks again
  20. Thanks for your reply.I would like to know 2 more things.
    1. Is it possible to pass a data other than 'totalcount' and 'root' to ?
    2. How to hide/show a column by checking the...
  21. Is it possible to hide/show a column in a grid Ext.grid.GridPanel according to the input data?
    Is there something like calling a function instead of hidden:true,.I would like to see the value of...
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