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  1. One thing that I didn't know, and don't know if the API docs specifically calls this out, but whatever name you give to the Has Many Association must also be the name of the json property that...
  2. Totally cool thanks I'll give that a try!
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  5. Thanks for the sample project ssamayoa.

    Until I fully understand what you did above and how to replicate it myself, I will, in the short term, stick to using the solution I've documented below....
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    Didn't realize the would have added a property (or two?) without incrementing the even the minor version number... Downloaded 442 and everything is good.

    So if anyone else cannot find the...
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    I'm using Sencha Architect 2.0.0, but I don't see the "requires" property!! What the heck?!!

    Here is a screen shot of all the properties for my Application node... what version are you...
  8. msinn,

    Thanks for the solution, it worked! ... Kind of :)

    While what I eventually came up does work, I would appreciate if any could offer a better or more elegant solution. Such as how to...
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    I understand what you've said and it makes perfect sense. However, I don't how to make Sencha Architect add the additional config for the requires property (I've only been using it for a short amount...
  10. In my Sencha Architect project I'm trying to add a Ext.ux.StatusBar to the bottom of a panel. I'm trying to do this by adding a launch function to my Application. But I'm getting an error. Does...
  11. Sorry guys, I just realized that I posted this in the wrong forum, I meant to post it to the Sencha Architect Forums 2.x forum
  12. In my Sencha Architect project I'm trying to add a Ext.ux.StatusBar to the bottom of a panel. I'm trying to do this by adding a launch function to my Application. But I'm getting an error. Does...
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    I think I'm on the right track, but don't have my code in the proper place due to the asynchronous nature of the loader...

    Here's what I've put in my Application's launch function:

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    I also would like use Ext.ux.statusbar.StatusBar in my Sencha Architect project, but cannot figure it out either.

    Have you figured it out yet?

    My application is a single Viewport with...
  15. Animal,

    Was wondering if you found any better solution to display a message in the body of a Grid Panel when there are no data records to display than using the Grid View's emptyText attribute....
  16. It appears that when you specify the inline data (as an array) in the combo box's store config setting, Designer looks like its converting it to a string, I'm guessing this is a bug? But if you go...
  17. I've got a simple form and wish to use the built in validation methods. However I don't want them validate the fields when the user tabs out of them or on every key press. Rather I want the fields to...
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    was working on my project in Designer. I had done a "Preview in new Window (F11)" and the preview worked fine. I made some changes to one of the panels (parent panel has a layout of card), saved, and...
  19. Thanks for the background.

    So its not really of 'bug' of Ext, but rather a limitation of some browsers... in fact, all browsers (that I tried) in this particular case with cards and the nested...
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    I am trying to use Designer to create a menu that has a TextItem and a ComboBox, while I can get it to do it, it doesn't look very nice. Instead of the TextItem and the ComboBox displaying to the...
  21. So is this not being considered a bug?

    If not a bug can someone please explain

    1) the effect of using a hideMode of 'offsets' versus 'display' make a difference here and if in fact it should...
  22. Well I set the hideMode: to 'offsets' as you suggested and that did resolve the issue, good call. I didn't try setting the layoutConfig as ExtJS Designer doesn't expose that.

    Even though the above...
  23. Ext version tested:

    Ext 3.2.1

    Adapter used:

  24. I have a GridPanel that contains a NumberColumn which has a dataIndex of issue_count and a format string of '0'... however when issue_count has a value of null, a '0' is displayed for the row.

  25. OK, I figured out how to do what I needed, it was really simple actually... I went over to this excellent source of example code, Saki's Ext Examples Page and looked at the Form --> Combo with Remote...
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