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  1. I tried out the GA release but the result is the same. The window is still clipped.
  2. I am using ExtJS 4.1.1 RC2. Brower: Chrome 21.0.1180.79 m
    Attached is a pic:
  3. I have a button closer to the the edge of the browser window. When the button is pressed, it pops up another panel which is clipped by the browser window. Is there a fix for this kind of problem ?...
  4. I am able to run the application but down the line, i get the stacktrace for an error. Since, the app is minified , I am looking for techniques on how to debug this issue. The app works fine when the...
  5. I am having problems running the minified version of Ext JS 4.1.1. RC2.
    Has anybody done this and have been able to run it withput problems?

    I use the prescribed sencha tools to do the...
  6. Can I expect the 4.1.1 GA in June/July timeframe?
  7. My browser had cached the old Extjs and my new 4.1.1 RC2 ext js was not loaded. With all that fixed, I can see that it is working with 4.1.1 RC2.

    Can we get a patch for ExtJS 4.1 for this issue? ...
  8. I tried it using 4.1 RC2 but it behaves the same way as it did with 4.1.
    So, for my own understanding, when you ran it with 4.1 RC2, the colored portion of the area chart moved with the slider...
  9. Did you use one your tests to validate this issue? If you did, can you post the test?

  10. Yes, that would be correct.
  11. You are correct. The slider modifies the to and from dates and then calls chart.redraw(true).
    From what I have debugged, the chart substore is computed correctly. Beyond that, I am not sure what is...
  12. No, your testcase is fine. The defect shows up when the slider is moved and the chart stays the same.
    Note, the chart moves for other types of charts such as "line", "column" etc. It does not do...
  13. When the redraw happens, only the axis is redrawn. The chart itself stays the same which is the problem.
    If you want to see a working redraw example, change the chart type in the code sample from...
  14. Ext.Loader.setConfig({enabled:true});

    * @class extjs4core.view.Test3
    * One stacked bar chart Test with time data
  15. Ext.Loader.setConfig({enabled:true});

    * @class extjs4core.view.Test3
    * One stacked bar chart Test with time data
  16. I posted a bug report in the bugs forum. I am not able to attach war files to the report. Any idea why is that so? The attachment form shows that it is uploading the file but the file never shows up...

    Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.1.1 RC2

    Browser versions tested against:

    Chrome 19.0.1084.56(Windows)
  18. I have a Area chart which works fine with a Time x-axis and Numeric Y axis. When I try to zoom into the chart by setting the fromDate and toDate attributes on the x-axis and redraw the chart, the...
  19. I had a misunderating of the substore usage in charts. After I fixed an issue with my store model, I was able to zoom into the chart when I alter the fromDate-toDate range on the chart. The chart...
  20. I have a chart which has a method getChartStore(). This method returns this.substore if one is present. Unfortunately, the substore has data records but with no values. What is the purpose of...
  21. Replies
    I have a panel which contains a large number of child panels. How can I force the parent panel to redraw each of the child panels without accessing each child panel?
  22. Here is the fix:
    I changed the grid color to white which gave me the white background.
  23. I am trying to set the background color to grey in a chart under the x axis and left of y axis as shown in attached image. The area where the data is shown is white.
    Any ideas how I can do this?
  24. The fix is to call the following in the "select" listener :

  25. Update: Found the fix. Thanks.
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