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  1. Thank you Catalin, but the formpanel has already a method called setPadding which should work for all fields without me taking care manually for every field in the panel. Its very strange ...
  2. Really ? Nobody ? Common ... there must be a way. I am seeing the attribute padding added to the formpanel bot nothing happens. The fields have the same paddings between them.
  3. Hi,

    To be short, I cannot change the default padding value for the LabelField fields included in a regular FormPanel. I tried either using the "setPadding" property of the FormPanel or just by...
  4. Hi everybody,

    Since I upgraded gxt version to 2.2.3 (gwt version 2.2.0), after I submit something using a post method form, I get 'null' on Events.Submit/FormEvent/getResultHTML() method using...
  5. Since there is no answer I will put it in its simplest way: How can I create a layoutcontainer with all four borders and without header ?
  6. Hi,

    I noticed that if I create a dialog with setHeaderVisible(false), the upper horizontal border is also not visible and this is a problem for me. I just want a nice dialog with all the four...
  7. I already have them. Isn't that wonderful ? :)
  8. I already noticed that :)
    Do you have other suggestions ?
  9. In case anybody is interested, the answer is adding the following line to the gwt.xml module:
  10. Hi everybody,

    I integrated streamhub with gxt and it works flawlesly in google chrome, but when I use firefox or ie I get "Access denied" eror because there are cross domain calls between the push...
  11. wow. it was so hard :)
    thank you sven
  12. Hello,

    What can I do in oreder to be able to move a contentpanel only by using its header as handler and not the entire content panel region ? Right now I set Draggable(content_panel) and even...
  13. You are perfectly right. I forgot to mention that I am using a Portlet as widget for two kinds of panels: LayoutContainer and Portal. I will test it with a simple contentpanel instead of a portlet.
  14. Nobody ?

    Is this a bug ?
  15. I know it sounds stupid but my clients are really hot on this issue. Anyone please ?

    Anyone ?
  16. Hi all,

    Can you please tell me (if its possible) what is the property to be set in order to have the mouse pointer exactly on the content panel border when trying to resize it ? Because right now...
  17. I will create a test case as soon as I get some free time. Thanks.
  18. Nope, I was wrong. The AbsoluteLayout didn't solve anything. When one of the panels is resized, almost everything else looses position. Is there a remedy for this ?
  19. This is exactly what happened. I noticed the toolbar listener was called twice in a row and this caused the savedEnableState flag to be declared as false on the load finished listener. I optimized...
  20. Hello,

    I don't know why my pagingtoolbar appears disabled (still the next page button works) when there are more than one page available (dispalyed on the pagingtoolbar) and the getTotalLength...
  21. Replies
    Thanks for the solution.
  22. The problem is that, the properties file I am filtering is a gwt messages resources bundle file and from what I saw, maven creates a "generated" folder and puts a generated java file based on the...
  23. Yes but in this case I cannot move the gwt compile execution other that in the compiling goal. I'll have to move the resources filtering action also in the compiling goal. I'll give it a try.
  24. From what I observed, the filtering is happening after the compilation and in this case another question arise ? How can I "convince" maven to take care of the filtering before running the maven...
  25. Hi everybody,
    My problem is the following:
    I used the filtering resources in maven2 but despite the fact that my filtered properties file variables have been filled with the right texts, the...
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