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  1. Thank you.

    And how in that case of using Grid + Checkbox Selection Model one can submit IDs of selected records in the form?

    And vice versa, form.loadRecord(rec) , whether it is possible to...
  2. SA 2.1, b 613, extjs 4.1.1
    Could be something very simple, however I cannot find MultiSelect control.
  3. for full completness, could you please also update the first part of the code with additional block that creates a new model/record from the form and saves it.
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    We have an intranet environment with several extJS apps.

    The current goal is to standardise look and feel through global css theme and predefined header with nav links to each of the app and a...
  5. Any news yet?
    4.1.1 still clipps tab's icons because it's css style height is 13px instead of 16.
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    where is in SA 2 one can put Xtemplate member functions?
    for example in Panel's tpl

  7. Current extjs examples lack of Architect's MVC pattern that is hard to replicate in Architect.

    For example there is a nice alternative using Action objects and message bus to decouple Controllers...
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    How would you add the following to app.html using Architect 2 ?

    <link REL="SHORTCUT ICON" HREF="">
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    Good question, where is that ActionsManager?
  10. Is ther a way to add Ext.Action in Sencha Architect 2, b424 ?
  11. Thank you.
    Would it possible to use bubbleEvents array on "promoted" button class to send custom event to the top window and attach controller to only the window, without doint the chain

    var win...
  12. I would like to thank you very much.

    This is one definitive and straightforward example that answers so many questions at once.

    Basically one needs to "Promote To Class" UI object (say button)...
  13. Can anyone give a final and complete description if it is possible in Sencha Architect 2 to make a button fire a custom event "myevent" and controller listening for and correctly getting it.

  14. I'm trying to fire and subscribe for custom events in SA2, b424, and nothing has been working yet.

    Have you registered the "newThingCommand" event somewhere else?
    Have you changed any options...
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