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  1. Sorry, I do not know what else to say.
    I used this command (borrowed you appname for this test):

    C:\Users\User\Documents\ext->sencha generate app DR C:\DR

    Maybe that's because of a...
  2. Try this release.

    It works for me, but you need to be in the ext framework directory to start app generation.
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    cmd/sencha.cfg file says:
    #Mon, 11 Mar 2013 22:56:23 -0700
    # This is the SDK version. By defining this property, we are declaring this
    # folder to be an SDK distribution.
  4. It's not a typo. It is the same in 4.1.1.
    But in 4.1.1 exists a custom HtmlEditor layout that possibly resizes that later.

    As of 4.2.0 beta they have refactored HtmlEditor as a FieldContainer...
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    Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.1

    Browser versions tested against:

  6. Ok. A tricky one this was.

    I have found why panel headers, tabs and some buttons were not rendered with frames when I turned off CSS3BorderRadius.
    This is caused by another (mis)feature in IE9.
  7. Stever,

    A nice small example is right in the Ext examples.
    1. Switch IE9 to software rendering mode.
    2. Go to the example called 'layout browser':...
  8. Stever,

    The second example is my original code :) and it was not intended to just change the DOM structure (though DOM structure also changes).

    Normally, ExtJS4+ looks if a browser supports...
  9. I found this border radius effect showing up mostly when the browser is in software rendering mode.
    It's just happened that the computer at my workplace is quite old and does not support IE9's GPU...
  10. skirtle,

    It looks like wayne.rudd have done this experiment already :)
  11. Did you read this?

    Maybe your IE9 is in software rendering mode.

    Nobody wanted to help me...
  12. Evan,

    I played a little bit with examples from the distribution.
    Good news are that IE9 is not slow everywhere even with software rendering!

    Most examples are in standard mode (Complex Layout...
  13. Evan,

    I found an exact algorithm how to make it very slow even on my (faster) laptop.

    1. Switch IE9 to SOFTWARE rendering, not the graphics card rendering. It is in additional options where...
  14. Scott,

    I have created that.
    I removed my class which is a subclass of HTMLEditor and put plain HTMLEditor to the layout instead.
    So basically all the code that remains is a form definition in...
  15. I'm testing right now on my home laptop which is also more powerful than the first machine.
    And the difference is much less noticeable.
    But there is still some difference even on the laptop.
  16. On the machine I'm currently testing Ext 4.1 RC3 is unacceptably slow in IE9 in native IE9 parser mode.

    Example is here:

    Look at tab switching...

    Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.1RC3

    Browser versions tested against:
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    It's actually a 3.3.1 bug but I see the same code unchanged in 4.0 so...

    This code:
    if (el.getBoundingClientRect) {
    b = el.getBoundingClientRect();
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