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  1. fixed by upodate sencha CMD
  2. [ERR] Unknown command: "cordova"
  3. sencha cordova init error:OS :WIN7
  4. there is video show how to build in IOS:(

    but how to do for android?
  5. the key error is :
    Error: Project name '???è???¨????' contains invalid characters.
    Allowed characters are: a-z A-Z 0-9 _
    ""E:\android\android-sdk\tools\android" create project --target...
  6. here is my debug log info:

    [DBG] Loading configuration from F:\web\php\senchaTouch\production
    [DBG] Loading build environment from directory F:\web\php\senchaTouch\production
    Sencha Cmd...
  7. what i need is just define applicationName in chinese character with unicode,for example: "\u6d4b\u8bd5\u7a0b\u5e8f"

    "applicationName":"myapp" =>"applicationName":"\u6d4b\u8bd5\u7a0b\u5e8f"

  8. {
    * @cfg applicationName
    * @required
    * This is the name of your application, which is displayed on the device when the app is installed. On IOS, this should match
  9. what version of phonegap do you use? phonegap 2.9?

    can you provide an guide of integration sencha touch 2.X +phonegap 3.0
  10. i think all non-english user want to use appname with their native language

    eg: chinese ,japanese character
  11. sencha app package build apk.json
  12. in package.json ,applicationName can only use a~Z

    but ,in package build.I need to outupt chinese character as app name

    how can i do?

    in android progect,app name do support chinese...
  13. config : {

    launch: function() {


    routes : {
  14. i generate a app by sencha CMD,then directly package into apk,
    successfully,but apk file size to large? almost 8MB?

    why apk file size to large?:s
  15. it seems the error is from sass compile.
    i find a temporary solution:

    find file \.sencha\app\sencha.cfg in your sentouch app

    add one line: skip.sass=1

    now sencha.cfg should be like this:
  16. I follow this guide:!/guide/command_app

    when l use: sencha app build testing ,i get the error:

    OS: WIN XP

    F:\web\php\senchaTouch\myapp>sencha app...
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