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  1. Ext version tested:

    Browser versions tested against:

    Chrome 34.0.1847.131 m
    DOCTYPE tested against:

  2. the problem is that RowExpander defines and uses its own getRowClass method. you'll need to override it in the config object passed to the new instance of RowExpander. modifying your sample code,...
  3. the problem is that RowExpander defines and uses its own getRowClass method. you'll need to override it in the config object passed to the new instance of RowExpander. modifying your sample code,...
  4. the example LockingGridView class works with the enableDragDrop option set to true on the grid. What is undesirable is that the drag zone is set the right pane of the grid (read: the unlocked...
  5. my problem was fixed by including the CSS from the example. ext-3.2.1/examples/ux/css/LockingGridView.css

    .x-grid3-locked, .x-grid3-unlocked {
    overflow: hidden;
    position: absolute;...
  6. saprot, have you made any progress with this? I am seeing the same thing, both with 3.2.0 and the new 3.2.1 release from yesterday
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    i had to tweak the onResize method to get this component to work with release 3.2.0

    onResize : function(w, h){, w, h);
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    any plans to move this to 3.0? no longer exists in 3.0 and causing an error on load.

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    My forum searches have turned up nothing on the topic of a grid being used as the list portion of a combobox. pretty much all the results for search queries with "combobox" and "grid" in the terms...
  10. no extension is needed for this. setting the clickEvent property of the button to 'mouseover' expands the menu on rollover and keeps the menu open while moving the mouse over the menu.

    <<move to...
  11. I guess I could post the code and go the help direction (in which case I'd do far more debugging/troubleshooting than I have), but I was wanting to know if there already exists an extension for this...
  12. I have taken a normal button and hooked into the mouseover/mouseout events to show/hide the button's menu. But moving the mouse from the button to the menu (of course) hides the menu. I am posting to...
  13. this is how it all turned up.

    the record definition:

    ,{name: 'Chapters', mapping: '', convert: function (v, el) {
    var ar = [];
  14. excellent, thanks Nige. It's been over two years of big Ext projects and I did not know of this converter option in the record definition. this could have helped in many places in the past i'm sure...
  15. I am having problems implementing what seems to be some advanced usage of the XTemplate. I have simplified the problem greatly to the classic Book library. each book has chapters and the raw XML...
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    var createDom = function(o, parentNode){
    if(!parentNode) parentNode = document;
    var el = parentNode.ownerDocument.createElement(o.tag||'div');
    //var useSet =...
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    the lines in bold are what I changed to get the following statements to execute in IE and FF

    Ext.DomHelper.useDom = true;

    var x = CreateDocument('<A><B></B></A>');
    var v =...
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    animal, first off, thanks.

    secondly, you final point is valid since you could be dealing with a DOM object that is not the window's document node. however, this does work now in FF (for both 1.0...
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    i have hit another bump in the road regarding the same function: Ext.DomHelper.insertHtml

    this time i am firing the code below (replace the Test method in the sample above with these statements)
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    In my application I use templates to attach templated nodes into an Xml DOM. everything worked fine in 1.0.1a, but when i upgraded to Ext 1.1.1 I ran into a different behavior when calling...
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    on select of a tree node, I am creating a grid on the fly, rendering it and loading data into it.

    while Ext is doing all this work (it seems to take about 2 secs for the grid to be visible), I...
  22. // allows for data fields of a store to be mapped to a function for custom data retrieval = function(doc){
    this.xmlData = doc;
    var root =...
  23. I have a column in a grid that is receiving an XML doc as data. I will loop over nodes in said doc and attach an image icon for each node. here is my start

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    The constructor of Ext.PagingToolbar stores the passed datastore in a member variable (this.ds). this member variable is used in a couple different places throughout the class (updateInfo(),...
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    does anyone know a way to enable jus tthe Console portion of firebug? i dont think there is, but it'd be nice

    sometimes i want to see console messages/errors without firebug loading all the...
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