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  1. Hi all,
    first of all, I want to say that on iOs, sencha touch is indeed awesome and looks like native. Kudos for that.

    However, I was greatly dissapointed when I opened my app on an android...
  2. Ok, But my data is just an example. My real data is an associative data like this :

    Data: [
    {categorie: 'main', [{entities:1},{entities:56},{entities:76},{entities:12}]}, ...
  3. Hi,

    I use ST2.0 - RC. And my problem is the config "tpl" don't work in dataview. This is my code for test :

    style:'border:1px dotted yellow',
    data: [
  4. Hello Sencha's users,

    I work with sencha touch 1.1.0 on chrome and this my story ;) :

    I get a json response from a server, and I store it in a localstorage.

    here my respons Json
  5. Hi,

    I have the same problem when a launch my application with this code :

    style:"border:1px solid red",
  6. Thanks, I think is that. But If I take the example in post #2. your "main" is like "form" ?

    And, if I add in your example some properties to 'href'
    Example :
    html : '<a href='foo.html'...
  7. Hi,

    Well, after detected the event from HTML. How open an other panel (child) with a slide effect ?

    For exemple, We have this in the main .js

    Regards ;)
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