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  1. Hi,
    I had the same problem.overriding css as{
    -webkit-user-select : auto !important;} makes the think works only on desktop.How can we achieve the same in ipad/ipod?Thanks
  2. Hi,
    I have changed the CSS rule to{-webkit-user-select: auto !important;} and the content selection is enabled in desktop.But it didn't work fine on ipad/ipod.
  3. Hi
    I have tried it out{-webkit-user-select: auto;}But It didn't work on touch devices(ipad and ipod).At the same time it worked fine on desktop.Can you provide any help for the same to work on...
  4. HI,
    How can we select specified HTML contents inside sencha touch.I have to highlight the specified area (selected area).But I couldn't find a method in sencha touch to accomplish this.Since the...
  5. Hai,
    I m using sencha touch 2 application and i have some html content in my panel.I want to select some content so that I can highlight it.But I could not find any method to select HTML...
  6. Try to use 'item' config through which we can use 'html' inside it.

    html:'<div style="width:30px" >Button</div>' //your html content here//

    .Or you can use the...
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    We are eagerly waiting for the release date of ST2.Can you provide the approximate date of release of ST2?
  8. Replies
    May I know the actual date of release of Sencha Touch2?Will it be released on this January?:)
  9. Hi all,
    Is it possible to enable 'drag and drop' event in a Dataview? I just want to change the order of items in dataview using 'drag and drop'.I saw a solitare gaming application on sencha...
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    Hi all,
    I want my application to run only in LANDSCAPE view.How can I block the portrait view?:)
  11. Thank you logicseeds.
  12. Hi,
    It didn't work.Can you give some explanations for your code.I couldn't understand it properly.Should I specify the event as "function",or should I mention "afterRender" or "painted" instead of...
  13. Hi,
    If we should follow like extjs4 MVC format, then should we include the library files ,as in Ext JS4
  14. Thank you....:)
  15. Hi,
    can you provide the link of the tutorial by Tommy Maintz on how to architecting applications in ExtJS 4,which you have mentioned in the previous post.
  16. I found some difficulties while dealing with the ST2 MVC.One problem is that,I can't define a function inside listeners as "afterRender". Even 'console.log' or 'alert' is not working if it is put...
  17. Hi,
    I am using the MVC pattern.I want to add listeners on both,while switching the cards (for enable autosliding) as well as tapping the item..But
    whenever I use 'this' or 'xtype' and calls a...
  18. Hi,
    I have a tab panel as parent.Inside that I have two panels.In one of that panel,I have a carousel and a list.
    I have to add listeners to the carousel by making object to refer the items...
  19. Hi oddz,
    Thanks.I meant exactly what you have asked.The carousel autosliding should be delayed while user interacts with it.So I have to listen for user interaction.
    By object, I...
  20. Hi,
    I have a tab panel as parent.Inside that I have two panels.In one of that panel,I have a carousel and a list.
    I have to make that carousel to slide automatically in a specific interval.Let...
  21. Hi ,
    I am trying to enable autoslide to my carousel.In my application,the carousel is a child of which viewport is a parent.I couldn't call/define any function in the 'listeners'.Whenever I...
  22. yeah...I got it..Thanks....
  23. Mitchell,
    I want both of them visible at a time,with carousel on top of the list.I couldn't implement it when tried with MVC pattern.Can you help me?
  24. hai guys..can you help me out?...I m new to sencha touch,Now dealing with sencha touch2 MVC examples.
    I m trying to create a carousel and a list in one view.But how can I implement it? Can anyone...
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