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  1. We encourage you to vote for Sencha community members and incredible designer/developers Xero in the IxDA Interaction Awards for 2012.

    Xero is built on the web, for the web — making heavy use of...
  2. Jackmike, we have a development manager's guide to HTML5 white paper available if you'd like to learn more about HTML5. Download it here:

    Hope this...
  3. This is fixed.
  4. This is now fixed.
  5. As mentioned on another thread:

    SenchaCon attendees will have privileged access to our recorded conference sessions....
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    Please do not post on Sencha Forums seeking developers. The appropriate place to look is, the definitive directory of developers working with Ext JS, Ext GWT, and Sencha Touch...
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    Hi Rcpacheco,

    As Andrea said, SenchaCon attendees will have privileged access to our recorded conference sessions. (And the videos are coming *very* soon.)

    In early 2012, we will make all...
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    Thanks for the input, el_chief. We want to keep Sencha Forum the best place to get help for Sencha users, and we are always looking at ways to improve the experience.

    We now have a captcha for...
  9. Sencha Touch 2.0 Preview Release 3 is now available:
  10. Hi guys, we've posted our Amazon Kindle Fire review: and a few videos on Vimeo.

    Overall, Sencha Touch works, though the Fire is not...
  11. Thanks for the heads-up. I'll look into it.
  12. You can view the TouchStyle app and code here:
  13. This app is now listed on the Sencha Touch App Gallery:
  14. All four aforementioned apps are now listed in the Sencha Touch App Gallery:

    See the "Other apps by this developer" section. We're working on...
  15. This app is now available on the Sencha Touch App Gallery:
  16. This app is now available on the Sencha Touch App Gallery:
  17. This app is now on the Sencha Touch App Gallery:
  18. Glad to hear you got a great response for all your hard work. The app is available at
  19. Lack of GPU acceleration really slows down the Android's browser.

    Though this is not ideal, Simon's suggestion of flat graphics are the best solution until the Android team improves the browser....
  20. Dave, I've forwarded your issues to our Touch Dev team. I think you'll be very excited when you play with the upcoming beta of Touch 2.0.

    As to the UI of Sencha Touch, all praise goes to David...
  21. Nice job, CubeDrive! Very cool to see a combination Ext JS and Sencha Touch app!

    Looking forward to more updates in the future.
  22. Great work for your *first* Sencha Touch app, Ln8r. I can't wait to see what you come up with in the future!
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    Applauz, the new URL is at and is an updated version of the app from last year.
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    Can't seem to pull this up. Still in progress?
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    Wow! Pretty impressive that you have 50 domains for 50 custom Sencha Touch apps!

    Any others you're not telling us about? ;)
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