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  1. I just rolled out an application and got a lot of resistance from management due to it not running on IE. It is assumed that Windows phone will not work. I am now in the middle of some RFP's and...
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    /*** The absolute URL to this application in development environment, i.e: the URL to run this application
    * on your web browser during development, e.g: "http://localhost/myapp/index.html".
  3. I had a similiar problem on windows sdktools-beta3 sdk2.0.1. stbuild is broken. I posted my solution here....
  4. beta3 and sdk-2.0.1 just ignore step 4!/guide/native_android
  5. I had a similar problem with android native build after upgrading. stbuild was the problem. I was able to work around it. I posted my work around here:...
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    I tried to deploy the device example to test the native device controls. I was using sdktools-beta and sdk_2.0.0. I could package my app OK and all worked except for google maps and geolocation. Very...
  7. I am doing this without PhoneGap (Sencha Packager)
    Android Native build using Windows is a bit confusing. Do I use the SDK

    sencha app create droidapp /droidapp
    sencha app build testing...
  8. Thanks for your help

    It would be good if flex: 1 were the default when using vbox/hbox layouts. Then sizing would only be needed if different sized components were required.
  9. It looks as though a form panel will only work correctly in a fit layout. Is this correct? I have wasted many hours trying to use a vbox layout.

    This displays the form fields correctly
  10. Thanks I will give that a try.

    I added a local CSS but am not sure of the side effects but it is working

    .x-button-icon {
    background-color: transparent !important;
  11. I have added my own icons for zoom in and out. setting iconMask to false removes the background-color: 'white'. Which displays the icon correctly.
    xtype: 'button',
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    How about a link, that may help finding the video
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