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  1. The problem occurs somehow because a new instance of the view is created that is not tied to the controller set up within sencha designer.

    It looks like this new instance creation is only...
  2. Hi there.
    i have a problem with navigation view when i pop twice. when i then push to a new view none of the buttons within that view are listened to on tap.

    has anyone had any similar problems....
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    thanks for all of your help.
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    Hi there.
    what do you mean by 'changing reference' in designer??

  5. Hi Don.
    updating to Beta 2 and setting autoDestroy fixed the thing.
    thanks for all your help mate.
  6. I have a problem,
    i am storing values in Field sets that i need to reference within a site.
    when we first push the view on the stack i can reference all values but when i then
    pop and push the...
  7. just updated to beta 1 and it is now fixed.
    thanks so much for your time ed its much appreciated

    loving the sencha dev....

  8. i am also using
    2.0 PR4...
  9. I have a problem with my NavigationView seeming to disconnect the ViewA-ControllerA connection when ViewA is popped from Navigation.

    I have a LoginView that i load in by using

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