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  1. Hi Bryan,

    I was using v6.0.0.202 at the time (I've since stopped building the app using this so haven't used it for a little while).


  2. Hey estesbubba,

    No we weren't...

    I'm not saying it can't be done but it proved to be a real headache and would have meant some fairly large changes to our application, build and deployment...
  3. 6.0.1 has not fixed this but has broken the workaround... you now have to apply the picker id before calling callParent:

    Ext.define('MyApp.MyCustomComboExample', { extend:...
  4. Hi Joel,

    Thanks for the information - can you elaborate a bit on what I'd need to modify (or point me at some documentation) please?
  5. That's my question - how do you tell the bootloader/manifest that it needs to use another root url?
  6. Whilst attempting to migrate a fairly large block of legacy CSS content into SASS I kept getting the following error when using Sencha command to compile the package:

    TypeError: 'undefined' is not...
  7. Hi Joel,

    The app shares a common "masterpage" for the sub modules so in effect it's the same index.html for the sub directory apps.

    I don't want to complicate the discussion by going into the...
  8. When generating a package the file generated under "sass\etc" contains the following information which I believe should appear in the readme generated under "sass\all":


    Steps to reproduce:

    1) Run the fiddle.
    2) Hover over the chart - notice that all items show the tooltip for the android item (zero value).
    3) Click on...

    Note the label display is set to "none" but the call outs are still shown.

    I need to apply a label so that I can specify the field displayed in the legend...

    This is still present in Ext 6 - this has been around for over a year and it's a pretty fundamental issue.

    The issue I was hitting is actually...
  12. Hi,

    I'm currently converting a large mostly Single Page Application from ExtJs 3.4 to 6 and I'm a bit stumped on how to handle the non-single page elements of the application.

    To elaborate most...
  13. Great thanks Lee - just to be clear though this is not the trigger icon, it's the close icon on each item in the field.

    Steps to repo:

    1) Run the fiddle.
    2) Notice that the 2nd tag field, which is read only, still shows the "close" X buttons for the items even though they...

    Steps to repro:

    1) Open the fiddle.
    2) Look at the console output.

    Tested in:

    Chrome v44.0.2403.107m
  16. Hi Mitchell,

    Thanks again for the reply.

    Just to make sure I'm understanding you correctly, are you essentially saying that we should start using SASS?

    (I'm open to doing so).

    I think I...
  17. Hi Mitchell,

    Thanks for the response.

    I'm only really interested in reads here - we have several hundred grids throughout the app and I'm looking for a generic catch all way to handle the store...
  18. Thanks for the replies - I agree with evant in that if you allow triggers to be shown when a field is read only then you should allow the events to be picked up.

    It's easier for a developer to...

    Steps to repro:

    1) Click the trigger on the 1st field and the associated handler does not fire.
    2) Click the trigger on the 2nd field and it does.
  20. I'm trying to set up a form with several labels and I would like these to all be a fixed width and wrap where required. After several attempts it seems this only works if you set the label width on...
  21. Hi,

    I'm attempting to hook the Ajax class to catch session timeouts and prompt the user to log back in, then re-issue the request.

    This is working for most scenarios using something like this:...
  22. Great - thanks Gary.

    For anyone who's also hitting this issue the workaround is just to apply a "pickerId" to the combo.

    In my case it's a sub-class so I have the following in initComponent...
  23. Hi Zdeno,

    Thanks for the response - I was looking at 5.0.1 I believe but I guess if it was changed in a subsequent version then it's not really a v6 specific query.

    Anyhow I'll override the...

    Steps to repro:

    1) Drop the first combo (it drops OK).
    2) Drop the 2nd combo (it doesn't).
    3) Ext.ComponentManager.register(): Registering duplicate...
  25. The getMultiSelectItemMarkup method in the tag field html encodes any content returned by the labelTpl, meaning it's not possible to add any markup to the rendered items using this template option....
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