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  1. Condor, thanks for your answer, I should remove it from the current container and add it to the window? Do you have a short code snippet?
  2. If possible resize the current grid. Any advices?
  3. Hello everyone,

    I would like to add a fullscreen feature to a grid panel. The grid panel is part of a form but sometimes users wants to resize the grid. I am wondering if there is any plugins to...
  4. Hello guys,

    just a quick question, we might have done some mistakes but I am not really sure.

    If you use this sample, you will see that Ext.Direct doesn't pass any parameters on the XHR call...
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    Take this code it generate an exception
    this.el is null Line 33723 ext-all-debug.js

    * @author olivier

    App.Forms.Order.general =...
  6. I am using ExtJS for doing some inplace edit, the only problem if the content of my editable element contain tag if the user click the tag only the tag contain is retrieved

    to clarify

  7. Thank you Condor,

    I will try that, at same time I think I have found the cause of the poor performance, I happen to use the 'scroll' event on a panel to realign all the toolbar. Adding a...
  8. ~BUMP~,

    I don't know if my question was too long or no one have interest in that? :((
  9. Hi Everyone,

    Here come my situation and how I deal with it, basically I have made a CMS system which behave like flickr/facebook/myspace. The user can point and click on some part of the article...
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    looks like cloning the dom node just mess everything up ...
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    here come the example, if you play with it you would see it definitely doesn't work .... and I think it should snif :((

    <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html;...
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    BTW I will post a example tomorrow ... might be better for getting help
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    basic answer

    is an ext element pulled with this code

    var divFig = el.down('div[figureid=' + id + ']');

    I am also sure divFig is not null or any error come up, just some time Ext happen...
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    Hello Everyone,

    I have a strange bug that I cannot get rid off.

    I am coding a CMS article edit page, I basically want the user to be able to move a figure to next and previous paragraph, for...
  15. Just for those who wants to use the BasePath parameter here come a short patch

    Thanks to the author of this great extension!

  16. Yep sorry I should copy and paste ;-)
  17. glad it works, I thought you were doing on server side!
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    yeah Animal is right .... debug it on your own before saying "not working", are you sure the

    Ext.getCmp('west');return something if not you problem comes from there ...
  19. it does because the sample use some url parameter but you can do it without, if you replace arrays and do a viewport.doLayout(), it can works
  20. you have to setup correctly the errorReader and reader see the doc.
  21. heu I think you should drop your custom framework and do it in a more ExtJS fashion, Ext already handle locale change on the fly ... please take a look there.
  22. ddGroup is to filter where your drag and dropable element can go, so if there is no such drop zone the things wouldn't work anymore ...
  23. Ext is generating unique ids for every component so you should be able to add on flight CSS with those ids but I think it's dirty like you said doing some real qtip would be a lot better ...
  24. if I were you I would listen to those events select and keypress from that you should be able if the user selected something from the list of choice or if he typed something ...
  25. can you take a look in firebug what request is made when you change page and what is your server reponse, I am almost sure your problem lies there ...
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