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  1. I know this is an old thread, but I hit this problem today and realised what I was doing wrong, and so figured I'd report it here in case it helps others in the future.

    So, I hit the problem that...
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    Just wondering if there is a plan to release AIR based documentation for 3.0?

  3. Thanks for pointing that out MJ. It was very useful.

    For anyone reading this, MJ's write up is at

    Thanks again to all who helped me on...
  4. Thanks so much for your reply Aaron. I moved those settings out of my subclass and it works correctly now.

    I must admit I don't yet have my head around why such things cannot be in subclasses (I'm...
  5. I am adding methods and so inheritance seems reasonable (to me at least).

    Regardless of whether we think inheritance is warranted in certain situations, what really interests me here is why my use...
  6. Thanks for the reply. As I said my example was a 'simplified example'.

    In my real application code I am using inheritance because the west panel is actually a component that I use in multiple...
  7. The following is a simplified example that demonstrates a problem I am seeing using ext 3.0-rc1.1. I create a simple border layout with a collapsible west panel:

    CollapsiblePanel =...
  8. Hi sixkiller,
    I'm not sure if this will be directly applicable to you, but I was seeing the same symptoms as you. I ended up fixing it by simplifying my code. It originally looked like:

  9. No I haven't, but to be honest I haven't been looking either. I have stopped using the Ext.History.add() function in my app.

  10. Yes thanks for that. I will read it multiple times to help it sink in.

    Yes I know. I was purely doing it in this case for testing purposes. Thanks for pointing it out though.

  11. Looks like it isn't true. I realised the bug in my original example was that I hadn't specified layout: 'fit' for the viewport. I now have a more complicated example with a panel nested inside a...
  12. Thanks for replying.

    Sorry if I wasn't clear. What I meant was that when I resize the browser window manually, the panel is resized, but the resize event does not fire.

    The resize event...
  13. Below is a very simple piece of Ext JS, where a viewport contains a single panel. The panel has a listener for the resize event, but it never fires.

    <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML...
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    Hi Brian,
    did the changes make it into Ext 2.2?

  15. I have a tbar with various buttons. The only thing I do inside each button's handler is call
    Ext.History.add(). It works fine in IE and FF, but in safari if the call to Ext.History.add() results in...
  16. I've ended up coming up with the following, which is a subclass of Window that will automatically resize and position itself relative to a specified container component. Seems to work well, but I'm...
  17. I would like to display a popup window that is no taller than the underlying window viewport height, but is also no bigger than it needs to be to accommodate its contents. i.e. the maximum height of...
  18. I've just spent 5 hours tracking down a layout problem caused by the above. Unfortunately the problem only occurred on Safari, and so I couldn't use firebug to track the problem down.

  19. A few threads on the premium support list mention that Ext is incompatible with the latest version of the Prototype javascript library. e.g:

    I believe...
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