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  1. I should preface by saying this only happens in a production build and I often come across errors being thrown that are in a production build and not the development build --- is there something I...
  2. anyone?? sencha dev?
  3. My app runs fine in a development environment. Here is what I do to create a production build:

    I Executed:

    sencha create jsb -a index.html -p app.jsb3


    sencha build ­p app.jsb3 ­d...
  4. Can I style the Ext.Video controls in Sencha or do you have to use a 3rd party HTML5 video player (i.e: video.js) ?
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    Thanks. I created a custom video class, where I could show the media when paused as opposed to a black screen, but the only way I could show an the first frame instead of a black screen up front was...
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    Did you ever figure this out?
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    anyone find an answer to this?
  8. Hello Mitchell ?? Follow up answer please!
  9. Are my Sencha versions to blame?

    SDK: v

    SDK Tools: 2.0.0-beta3

    I really prefer not to upgrade my SDK because our app has already been QA tested. Is there any other way to fix this?...
  10. I'm able to successfully build my app for production , however I have console errors that do not occur in a normal build . One issue was loading of stores -- I had to use:

    var store =...
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    I'm using the code here :

    to zoom and pan an image.
    I have added pinchstart, pinch & pinchend event handlers on an image:

  12. I have a container in which I set the cls to :

    background-image: url('../../app/view/1-2/images/chart.png');
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    Was anyone able to smooth the centering of the zoom??
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    Great component. Thanks! I had to disable carousel swipes when scrolling. Add this to initImage()


    /*Disable carousel swipe if we are scrolling an...
  15. I can mask an image with an html canvas, but it there a way to move the image within the mask on mouse down event and even better on: mousedown, drag, then mouse up? FYI: T .I am unable to even get...
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    You most likely have errors in your code. Run your app that you are trying to build in a browser...if it doesn't come up and you have console errors.....there is your build issue right there.
  17. interesting, I just tried it with your slider on your site Brice and I'm seeing the same exact thing.... If you try to grab and slide the thumb quickly it will often slide to the next item in the...
  18. I'm wondering if there is a way to remove swiping event propogation on the entire slider (thumb track and fieldset) with regards to the parent carousel?
  19. Ok I wrapped my sliderextended component (which extends Ext.field.Slider) with fieldset and tested extensively --- same issue. Not sure what else to try....

  20. Ah I gotcha now. I wasn't including my sliderextended component inside the fieldset. Ok, let me run with that for bit a see what happens.... thanks.
  21. Thanks I tried that. Same result. Hmmmmm.....
  22. I needed to override :

    change: 'onSliderChange',
    dragstart: 'onSliderDragStart',
    drag: 'onSliderDrag',
    dragend: 'onSliderDragEnd'

    etc.... I downloaded the class from: here...
  23. Brice,
    I have created a custom component for my slider so I can just drop it in anywhere. It does extend Ext.field.Field:

    Ext.define('MyApp.view.SliderExtended', {
    extend :...
  24. Thanks Brice and while that is a sure fire way to cancel and start carousel swipe events , it doesn't help with my dilema. I have a carousel page in which I have a slider and for some reason on the...
  25. I have a slider within a carousel item. It seems half the time when I try to slide the thumb on the slider, Sencha thinks I'm swiping to the next carousel item. I tried increasing the width of my...
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