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  1. Use Ext.ComponentQuery.query method.
    When you create an instance of your class, add an itemId. So if the itemId is test123. The following command should work

  2. I ended up adding a listener to the animationend event of the parent container.
    Added the following code in the painted listener of the plugin.

    onPainted: function(image, eOpts) {
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    Where you able to solve this issue?
  4. I dont really know what going wrong. I tried adding the below to all my containers,panels and navigationview.

    fn: function(){
  5. Im not sure I understand what you said. I tried adding a activate listener to parent container of the image. But when I ran the program, This is the order in which the events got fired.

    'init' -...
  6. This worked fine in ST 2.0.0. Is there any event api that is fired once the component is on screen.
    Or what will be a proper way to handle these kind of situations?

    Ext version tested:

    Sencha Touch 2.2.1
    Browser versions tested against:

    Chrome 27(Windows)
    DOCTYPE tested against:
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    Have you looked into Ext.ux.TouchCalendar plugin from Sencha Market?

    It supports Sencha Touch 2.
  9. Hey,
    Ya i kinda got a hang of the new mvc pattern. Still understanding the command line tool. Ext.ux.Knob was my plan to create a component completely with css with no dependencies on images....
  10. Hey folks,
    Its been more than a year since i've posted anything on this forum. I was on andorid native development for a while. Last time I worked on sencha it was on 0.97 i think....
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    Here is the link to the updated version from TomAlex.
  12. oh i see. will check it out thanks for the info
  13. looks good. did u use any library for the physics?
  14. I would also like to know that.
  15. THanks for the info and demo. Had no idea this was possible. Look awesome..
  16. I would like to know the opinions of the people who have experience in both areas. From what I understood after initial trial on titanium, sencha wont work with it, right?
  17. Welll you can use css to style the menu. Add different classes. You do understand that {cls} is filled from the attribute value in the structure.js. So put a class and add styles to it.
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    You will have to inspect the code from the jquery example and see what hes done.
  19. in the index.js add this config to navigationpanel

    getItemTextTpl: function() {
    return '<div class="{cls}"><div>{text}</div></div><tpl if="leaf !== true">/</tpl>';
  20. Looks good. It would be great if you could attach a zip file with the extension and a test file so the we can download and check right away.
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    is this really better than using eval?
  22. thats a base 64 encoded image. u can replace it with a path to the image on the server.
  23. Just remove the toolbar from the navigation panel. If its not created, there wont be any need to hide it.
  24. Wrong section. This is for sencha touch not ext js. Try there.
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    setLoading is new and I havent used it. But if its masking u need i do it by adding and removing mask in the 'beforeload' and 'load' events of store respectively.

    In the add a listeners...
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