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  1. Thanks for looking into this.
  2. Bumping according to
  3. Sencha Touch version tested:


    custom css (include details) (official sencha Touch kitchen sink example)
    Platform tested against:

    iOS 4.3.3 (8J2) on iPad
  4. Hi jjerome,

    Thanks a lot. That was indeed the missing piece.

    One oddity though: only adding layout: 'fit' did not do the trick I also had to swap the position of the textfield and the list in...
  5. Sorry, that didn't work, I updated the example with layout: 'fit' but still the scrolling in the list is somewhat broken. More...
  6. Hi jjerome,
    thanks for the feedback.

    Yes, if I remove both

    layout: {
    type: 'vbox',
    align: 'stretch'
  7. Hi forum,

    I have a strange but reproducible behavior with my Sencha Touch 1.1.0-code which I cannot fix myself.

    I have a simple panel in fullscreen mode which contains a toolbar as dockedItem,...
  8. Hi all,

    Ext JS offers Ext.state.* [1,2] to make components stateful.

    Searching the documentation for Sencha Touch, I could not find something equivalent.

    Is there a documentation I am...
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